Thursday, 26 June 2014

Skincare testing...

You may have seen me post about my recent skincare additions not too long ago, but since then there have been even more! Now that the weathers changing i've been needing to switch things up a bit, that and i can't help but want to try new products 24/7... Not all of these have been given a thorough trial yet, so these are just my initial thoughts. Expect blog post reviews in the near future if they make an impact!

OSKIA MICRO EXFOLIATING BALM // Not a newbie, but one i only cracked out about a month or two ago. This has already become a firm favourite of mine. Its a manual exfoliator which I'm usually not a huge fan of, but this ones different in that its a waxy/balm texture with tiny exfoliating particles so it doesn't feel too abrasive but still buffs away to reveal brighter skin. My face has never felt so soft. It also doesn't strip the skin either which is usually a huge problem for me with manual exfoliators.

PIXI GLOW TONIC // This is probably the product I've used the least, due to the fact i've been exfoliating with the oskia balm and my much loved keihls overnight peel and don't want to over exfoliate. From what i have tried it feels very similar to alpha H liquid gold...Thoughts coming soon!

ELEMENTAL HERBOLOGY FACIAL GLOW // Can you sense a running theme here? In summer theres nothing i want more than bronzed glowing skin, so heres another product to help me achieve that. This mask is strange in that its creamy with gritty bits like a manual scrub would have, but you're not meant to scrub with it...strange. From what i have used of it, it leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean in barely any time at all, but unfortunately it does strip my skin slightly which isn't great as my skin is pretty dehydrated. Nothing a hydrating mask can't fix but annoying all the same!

AURELIA REVITALISE & GLOW SERUM // I've been wanting a new do-it-all serum which i can use day or night, which would help to brighten and hydrate the skin in one step. The Aurelia serum is exactly what i've been looking for and from what i've used of it, i already love it. Its a lightweight creamy-gel consistency, which sinks into the skin quickly leaving it feeling plump and soft. If i use this at night i can tell my skin does look fresh and glowing the day after, in a natural, well slept kind of way. This is what i would call good skin in a bottle!

THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN E SERUM // I picked up this serum on a bit of a whim as i'm coming to the last 1/4 of my current hydrating serum. This one is actually pretty amazing, i like it a lot more than the Ren offering i'm currently using. It hydrates the skin leaving it feeling instantly plump, hydrated and smooth, so that my moisturiser works 10x better. Its lightweight and sinks in quickly too, so i can see this being great for all skin types, even oily skin.

THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN C DAILY MOISTURISER // Ive been using this moisturiser for a month or so now, and surprisingly, i love it. I didn't think i'd be such a huge fan of it as i only picked it up to use as an SPF and moisturiser in one on days when i was feeling lazy, but it really hydrates and brightens the skin, leaving it feeling soft and plump all day long. It does take a little while to blend in as its pretty thick, but afterwards my skin feels great and its good to know my skin is protected from the sun too. If you have oily skin i'd steer clear, but any other skin types definitely give it a go!

THE BODY SHOP CAMOMILE CLEANSING OIL // I picked this up at the same time as the moisturiser, and its love for this one too people. I used to think the Super Facialist vitamin C cleansing oil couldn't be beaten, but it has been. This one is much thinner so it melts into the skin, dissolving all makeup instantly. It leaves my skin feeling so clean, fresh and calm whilst also feeling soft and hydrated, which is a huge plus for me and my dehydrated skin. Definitely one to try out if your wanting to try a cleansing oil for a change but don't have a huge budget.

ANTIPODES AMANDA ANTIOXIDANT TONER // A toner is a step which i often see as unnecessary, but since using this I've seen what the fuss is about. This toner really helps to refresh, soothe and balance the skin, giving me an instant dose of hydration before the rest of my skincare. Since using this my skin has been a lot brighter and more clear too, which is a huge bonus! As this has a spray its also great to use during the day to hydrate and freshen up.


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