Monday, 21 July 2014

A Bronzed Complexion.

A bronzed complexion is a must for most during summer, at least i know it is for me! There are many ways to achieve a bronzed, glowing look, so i thought i'd share with you the products i slap on to make me look like i've just come back from holiday.

First up, you should know i'm not one for fake tanning. Its not because i don't like the look (i'm dying to try the clarins instant bronze self tanning), i just don't fancy having to have two shades of every foundation. If like me you can't be bothered with all that faff, then bronzing primers will be your best friend. My two favourites are the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle, which is more of a skincare/primer/tanning hybrid, and the Seventeen Skin Wow Tan Liquid Glow which is more of a bronzing radiance primer/highlighter. The This works is a good one to go for if I'm not feeling too many layers as i can use it as both my moisturiser and my primer. It evens out the skin slightly giving you a subtle looking glow and a hint of tan. On paler skins it would be much more obvious, but for me its more of a sun kissed kind of look. It leaves the skin feeling smoothed and primed for makeup, making foundation on top sit a lot nicer. Its matte so it won't help to give you a glow, but is a great one for a natural looking makeup look. If i'm wanting something with a bit more bronze and a real radiance, then the Seventeen Skin Wow gets brought out. Its very shimmery so i only really use it on the high points of my face, but it really helps to give the skin an instant tan whilst perking things up a little and adding some radiance. I have quite dehydrated skin so if my skin is looking flat then this instantly brings it to life. I can't say this one helps too well with priming, but for the price you can't go wrong.

next category, bronzers. Bronzers are everyones typical way of giving the skin some colour, and it really is foolproof if you choose the right products. My favourites are the Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact (mine is last years but they're the same!), Nars Laguna Bronzer and Jouer Mattifying Bronzer in Sunswept. The Clarins is the warmest of the bunch, but its a dream to blend and layer. I can use this all over the face and still have it look natural, which is tricky with most bronzers. Its not cool enough for contouring but i tend to apply some in the hollows of my cheeks after warming up the outer perimeters for a subtle sculpting effect on minimal makeup days. Nars Laguna is a cult favourite, and for good reason. I reviewed it here so i won't go on too much, but its the perfect balance of cool and warm which makes it great for both bronzing and contouring duties. It's very pigmented but with a light hand it can look natural on even pale skins. It does seem to have some shimmer which i wouldn't normally like in a bronzer, but it just helps it to look less flat on the skin. Finally, the Jouer bronzer is a good all rounder. Its a lot lighter than the Nars but helps to subtly warm up the face. Its warm but cool enough to use for contouring, leaving a natural sculpted effect. If i'm wanting a more natural, minimal bronzed look then this one is the one i go for as its the perfect natural bronze shade for my skin one. Although, you can also layer it for a darker colour, and it still remains natural looking. If you like to contour but don't fancy something grey toned like the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder, then this would be one to give a go!

Finally, Highlighters. There are many shades you can use for highlighting, but in terms of a bronzed complexion, warm golden, champagne or bronze tones are the best to go for. My current must haves are the Nars Multiple in South Beach, Soap&Glory Peach Party and Seventeen Instant Glow in Gold Bronze. The Nars Multiple is the most natural looking of the bunch, giving you an instant radiance and a dose of tanned colour. It really helps to warm up the high points of the face, giving you a 'lit from within' glow. I'd say this is the one product which will really give you a natural 'i've just been on holiday' looking tan. If i'm going for a natural makeup look or mostly working with cream products then i will without a doubt use this. The Soap&Glory Peach party is a warm champagne peach colour highlight. There are multiple tones to it which you can swirl together or use separately to get your desired shade, making it perfect for all skin tones. This one would be the best for paler skins as it isn't too dark or warm, but it really compliments a bronzed makeup look, helping to tie it all together and give you a natural looking but noticeable sheen to the cheeks. My final favourite, the Seventeen highlight, is the darkest of the bunch. This one is very similar in tone to the Nars multiple, but much more shimmery. This one is by no means subtle, but with a light hand can work well on top of the cheekbones, or even as a bronze eyeshadow. Again there are multiple tones to this, ranging from light to dark so you can customise your shade. I wouldn't say this would be great for pale skins, but for mid to dark skin tones this would be a perfect alternative to a light champagne highlight colour. If i'm going for a real bronzed look then this is a nice one to go for, although with some makeup looks it can be a little too much.

So there we have my current bronzed complexion favourites, let me know yours in the comments as I'm always searching for new products to make me look alive!

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