Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Long Awaited Hair Change.

 So, you may notice something a little different about my hair. Apart from the fact that it looks particularly dry in these photos, i've gone for a colour change. Now right now it isn't 100% complete as its looking a little orange and sparse, but i had balayage done to lighten up my hair without it being lighter all over. I went for balayage over ombre as its much more subtle, and can be built on whereas with ombre once its done, its done. Balayage is so low maintenance but it does take an awful long time to get done, i went in at half 1 and left at half 5! I'm hoping the next time i go i'll be able to get another full head of balayage done to double the amount of colour in my hair, as well as going a little lighter and more ashy with it. I've had this done for a couple of weeks now and i absolutely love it. I've had to rethink my wardrobe and makeup choices a little, but it makes me look so much healthier than my dark brown did. Silver shampoo and treatments are my best friends at the moment to keep the brassiness at bay and add some moisture back into my locks. I'm thinking to do an updated haircare routine video in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that to see what i've been using lately! If you're wondering i went to Hush hair and beauty in bournemouth.

On another note, i'm officially off from college for summer, wahoo!


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