Friday, 18 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection | Sand Eyeshadow Palette

Would you just look at this beauty of a palette? Bobbi Brown always brings it when it comes to palettes, and where i've previously missed out on some beautiful neutral palettes i knew i could not let this one slip away so i snapped it up and even convinced my mum to get one. The thing i love about all of Bobbi Browns collections is that they always feature neutral, natural and flattering shades which are perfect for everyday or evening wear and right up my street.

The Whole of the Surf & Sand Collection is beautiful, with two palettes - Surf which features some more blue/turquoise hues and Sand, the one i have, which features some more natural shimmery colours. The Collection also features four Sheer Lip Colours, two Brightening Blushes, two Long Wear Eye Pencils and one Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick. All of the products are highly appealing and i may end up purchasing another couple products before they're gone!

So onto the actual palette itself - The Sand Palette features 8 Beautiful neutral shades - 4 mattes which make perfect base or crease colours, and four shimmers which are perfect for washing all over the lid to add brightness to the eyes. In this look I'm wearing the shades Bikini bronze (all over the lid), Golden Copper (in the outer half), Frappe (in the crease) and Saddle (in the outer corner). I love the way all of the colours compliment each other well, and are the kind of colours i love to wear on a daily basis. They're not too cool nor too warm which means they're likely to suit a huge range of skin tones. The only niggle i have is that the shimmery shades aren't all that finely milled, so it takes a while to build up the lighter colours to make them opaque and shimmery rather than glittery. This isn't a problem though as they still blend like a dream!

The wear time for these eyeshadows is the best i've tried, i was actually really shocked. These shadows were still perfectly in tact 10 hours later (with the help of an eyeshadow primer) with no creasing, fading, nothing. That is longer than any other shadow i own and have tried with the same primer (Nars one for reference). They could probably lasted longer but this was when i was taking my makeup off!

All in all i'd say if you're a neutral lover like me and don't really deviate from this kind of look then you need this palette (loosely speaking of course, you don't actually physically need it), but if you like to experiment and already have a neutral palette you love in your collection then for the price tag (a whopping £48), you may want to think a little more about giving in and purchasing as there aren't all that many looks you can create with it and the shades are quite standard. However if you're new to the world of eyeshadow and want a good starting place for everyday looks then this may be the palette for you, as its so easy to work with, you can't really go wrong!


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