Friday, 25 July 2014

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Mocha

My obsession with pretty makeup has now extended into the realms of Burberry. I may as well just say goodbye to all future money now as it seems to burn a hole in my pocket! My latest burberry order included a few goodies, my favourite of which is the Complete Eye Palette in Mocha.

It's no secret that i love a good neutrals palette and seeing as they're the type of shadows i wear on an everyday basis i'm often on the lookout for the best colour and quality wise. I thought i'd found the top dog in the form of Nars eyeshadows, but since this one has been added into the equation, i've found it hard to use anything but.

The Burberry Complete Eye Palettes contain 4 complimenting shades - One highlight, Two mid tone and one darker liner shade. All four of the shades in the Mocha Palette are incredibly wearable, perfect for both an every day look or something more smokey and geared at the evening. Day to day i've been opting for the middle two shades - The second all over the lid and the third in the crease and below the lower lash line. What i love about this shade lineup in particular is the the eyeshadows are warm toned, meaning they really compliment the bronze makeup look i often go for, but they're not so warm that they appear coppery or look strange paired with cool toned blushers or lipsticks. I could literally use this palette for any occasion, and to me that is what makes a good neutrals palette.

Onto the Now they are expensive so you'd expect something good, but i've never felt eyeshadows so smooth and silky. They leave the eyelids feeling soft and not weighed down with product at all. They also blend like a dream no matter how much you apply, and stay put for a good 8 hours or longer with a base. Perfect. Theres no shimmer in the shadows, but they have a slight luminosity to them which stops them from looking flat and lifeless. I'd say they have a subtle glimmer which you can only really see up close. I'm not one for wearing matte eyeshadows as i feel they can look a little dull, but something about this palette really brings the eyes to life.

I'm not sure how much more i can go on about this palette, so i'll leave it there. if you are a neutral wearer day to day like i am, or you're wanting to invest in a good quality palette to start out with, then look no further. I'm a huge fan of light shimmery eyeshadows but sometimes its nice to go for something a little more natural.

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