Monday, 14 July 2014

The Nars Multiples.

So, You've probably heard a lot about the Nars Multiples - Both the shimmer and the matte versions - and for good reason. I've been loving using the two i have (South beach and Exumas) since i bought them and although they take a little getting used to, they're great products to invest in. I say invest in as they're 30 pounds a pop, which is rather a lot for one stick of product, but here me out and hear why they are so darn worth it.

The Nars multiple in South Beach was my shimmer multiple of choice. I have a ton of champagne toned highlights so this one stood out to me as being different and a welcome addition to my stash. Since using it I've hardly strayed away and have found its bronzed, almost peachy hue to work perfectly in the warmer months. South beach is the perfect colour for my skin tone to warm up the high points of the face, imparting a natural dose of tan along with a natural looking glow. The colour is so natural looking yet very warming, meaning that you could almost use it all over under your foundation for a faux tan and all over glow. I've yet to try it this way as i've been using another product for all over tanning purposes (review in the works) but this may be a more subtle way to use it if your on the paler end of the spectrum. You could also use this as an eyeshadow which makes the price much more bare able as you know you're getting a multi use product. The best thing is it blends like a dream, never budging my foundation underneath and it stays put all day long. Perfect for those sweaty summer days(nice.)

The Nars Multiple in Exumas was the matte multiple which stood out to me the most. I do love a pink blush every now and then, but I'm a peach girl at heart so i knew this would be the one i'd get the most use out of. Now this one is a little trickier to work with. Its a little thicker in consistency so i find it works best with a damp brush. I spray my Real Techniques Stippling brush with some Mac Fix+ and then dab the multiple on my cheek before lightly blending with the brush. Applied dry it is much more pigmented but can be harder to blend, so i find this way i get an easy application and still achieve the look i want after a few layers. The colour is the perfect peachy tone for me. Its very similar to their blush in Gina, but maybe a little deeper. On the lips i find it a little patchy although not drying, but it will cling to any dry, flaky patches you have like nobodies business! I do however love the colour on both my lips and cheeks which is difficult to come by.

All in all I love what i've tried so far of the Nars Multiples, and I'm keen to pick up one of the matte contour shades and either a blush or champagne toned shimmer multiple. Let me know your favourites!

Ps. In the pictures I'm wearing exumas on my lips and cheeks, and south beach on all the high points of my face. Not that the camera has really picked up the lovely bronze colour, doh.

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