Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Style Post: Jeans in Summer?

Now recently in England we've been experiencing a bit of a heat wave making jeans a bit of a no go so pretty bad timing on my part with this post, but hey you never know with England when the weather will turn back to dull and grey. Jeans are often seen as a bit of an autumn/winter thing but i think if you choose the right pair and wear them with the right things, they can work for summer too! Perfect for those summer days where its hot but a little windy or temperamental.

These two pairs are from Topshop - The top pair are the printed Leigh's everyones been banging on about, and the bottom the Joni jeans. Topshop is usually where i head for jeans, especially if i'm wanting something different from your usual mid waist blue or black wash pair, and these two are definitely my favourites at the moment. I actually picked up the white pair last year but i for one think  white is a trend which should never be forgotten, and this pair has seen me through last summer and what we've had of this summer which is pretty impressive for a pair of jeans, especially being such a dangerous colour! The Joni style isn't my favourite anymore as i find them to be a little thin and too high waisted for day to day, but i actually think being white the style works perfectly as it makes them more lightweight for summer.

For summer i think its best to style jeans with something light and flowy or more tight and cropped. I tend to either wear a light oversized shirt or a baggy t shirt / strappy vest with the printed pair as they're lower waisted and i don't really fancy showing my belly, but i love styling the white pair with a tropical or floral printed bralet as the trousers are a blank canvas which allows for bold prints perfectly, and the super high waist means that only an inch or so of midriff is on show.

Light coloured jeans may not be for everyone due to the risk factor of getting them dirty etc, but for me i love the look and have actually found they clean up pretty good anyway should any disasters happen!


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