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Triangl 'Lucie - Marshmallow' Underwear Set

So you may have seen the beautiful underwear and swimwear sets from Triangl doing the rounds over on instagram - They sure do know how to promote! I was contacted by the lovely Emma to try out one of their sets, and seeing as I wasn't planning on going on holiday anytime soon (although i now think i am, doh) i opted for one of their underwear sets, and after much deliberation decided on the simple white Lucie set in Marshmallow*. Now i was no way obliged to write a review or even post about the set at all, but from my experience i wanted to give everyone a good, honest review as you can sometimes get sucked into the hype without really knowing if something is worth it or not, but in this case it definitely is.

My first concern was that seeing as there are only 4 sizes, the set would not fit me perfectly, and either be too big or not sit right, but this really wasn't the case. From the moment i tried it on i was in love! The fit of the bra was absolutely perfect (for reference I'm a 32b and i went for an XS), whereas i can sometimes find even bras in my size in the same shape can fit a little off. The mesh material is so soft and really molds to your body, and the straps never feel too tight, but still remain very secure. The pants followed the same theme, incredibly soft, almost like a hug for your bottom. The style is simplistic and casual, meaning its perfect for everyday wear, but it still manages to look sexy at the same time. How do they do it.

A little note about shipping. Shipping costs 20 USD, which is a lot, but seeing as their an international brand its understandable and seems accurate considering what goes into the packaging. The cost is also a flat rate cost so no matter how much you order the shipping will remain the same which is always great to know. This makes the cost much more bearable if you order multiple items, which is what i shall be doing when i place an order! I also do not mind paying shipping when an item is packaged as nicely as the Triangl sets. The black box the set came in is so sleek, sturdy, and also useful, not just an afterthought. It really adds to the whole vibe of the brand being effortless but luxe, and very high quality. The set only took around 3 working days to arrive after it was posted, which was pretty impressive seeing as thats quicker than even Topshop!

So, all was well and i was a very happy bunny, but then i went to wash it. The instructions say to hand wash in cold water, and then leave out to dry out of direct sunlight, but unfortunately my mother washed the set in the wrong kind of soap, which left the set completely unwearable. The elastic pulled out of the mesh and the fabric all bunched up, i was gutted. I immediately contacted Triangl to see why this could of happened, and after a couple of kind and prompt responses from Emma i realised i had washed it with too strong a soap, and instead should be washing with mild baby soap as to not damage the fabric. To be honest i can see how all underwear should be washed in this way anyway as its in its nature for underwear to be rather delicate, but to maintain such a soft mesh i can see why extra care would need to be taken compared to your bog standard quality set and you can't just ignore these steps. I wanted to warn you of this as its an easy mistake to make, and since then Triangl have let me know how to correctly wash the underwear, and they also provided me with a replacement set, which i thought was incredibly kind considering i didn't even pay for the first one! Good customer service is as important to me as a good product, which is why i really felt the need to write a review. It's not often you come across companies who care about their customers as much as Triangl.

The last thing i wanted to touch on was the price. The Lucie sets equal to £32, and the Isabel sets to £26, which is no more than your average store such as Topshop or Asos, and much cheaper than sets from the likes of Ann Summers or La Senza. Considering the quality, it is hard to believe they are such a good price! I would definitely buy these sets even if they cost £5 or £10 more. The shipping obviously bumps it up a bit, which is why i would recommend saving up and purchasing a few sets at once.

Hopefully this review has helped anyone looking to order to decide if it is worth it or not. Personally i would 100% recommend ordering as for the price point, the sets are incredibly high quality and the service i received was some of the best. It can be a bit of a pain washing in such a specific manor, but its definitely worth it for how soft and comfortable they are to wear. I know when someone has not paid for something out of their own money it can be difficult to tell if their being sincere but i have tried to be very balanced and honest with my opinions. I'm planning to order a few more sets and even a bikini (the Dakota Superfly and Billie Firefly are calling my name), so that says something!

Let me know if you've tried anything from Triangl and what your favourite set is.


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