Friday, 15 August 2014

The Summer Essentials.

Its summer, finally! I know i'm a little (very) late on this one, but come summertime there are products i come back to time and time again to get myself through the scorching heat(well, scorching for England).

First up, as everyone knows, SPF in summer is essential. I tend to wear it all year round but in summer i crank it up a knotch and bring out the 30's and 50's. Day to day if i'm not going to be out much i'll wear The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser SPF 30 as its nice and nourishing but not too heavy or greasy for the summer, and it gives your skin a lovely natural glow whilst also protecting you from the suns rays. If i'm going to be out and about in the sun all day then the Kiehls Ultra Light UV Defense gets thrown on for some SPF 50 protection. Its lightweight and sinks in quickly, and if you have more combination/oily skin you could probably get away with using this alone as your moisturiser. Obviously body SPF is a must too, but i don't really have a preference. Garnier tend to be the best i've found and i always go for the spray variety in around SPF 30.

With the current weather we're having ive very rarely been wearing jeans, which means along with keeping up with the leg shaving, moisturising my legs is a step I've been trying not to forget. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to moisturising, so i stick to using the Vaseline Spray and Go body moisturiser as its quick and easy to apply and rub in. Its not the most moistursing but it does the trick, and the Aloe Vera version is great for soothing your skin after being in the sun.

A spray toner/ water is not so much a necessity, but an essential for me. Whether it just be in the morning to start off my skincare routine and wake me up or to spritz on throughout the day to refresh i like to have one on hand at all times. The Antipodes Ananda Antioxidant toner is my current toner of choice as its lightweight but really wakes up the skin, giving it a small dose of moisture. Its lovely to spritz throughout the day too if my skin is feeling a little lacklustre. If its super hot or you're at the beach, the Avene Thermal Spring water is the one you want. its essentially just incredibly overpriced water in a can, but it comes out in a fine cold mist which really helps to refresh and soothe. Its a godsend for hot or sunburnt skin too calm it down too!

Finally, makeup. I could make a whole post dedicated to summer makeup (in fact, i probably will) but a few essentials for me are a bronzer upper, a lightweight base, a glow giver, a peachy lipstick and a something punchy and bright. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is a firm favourite as it covers but still feels lightweight on the skin, with the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle underneath to prime and give me a natural all over warmth the Nars Multiple in South Beach is perfect for giving a glow along with a natural looking tan, and for lips Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberté and Nars Schiap for a bright pink/ Mac Korean Kandy for a bright orange are the ones.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

An Instagram Catch-Up.

I thought an instagram catchup was in order seeing as i've been posting rather a lot over there and not on here! I must say my life isn't overly interesting as i've mainly been visiting my boyfriend and working on my lingerie/clothing line, but hey, heres whats been going on with me.

1// An & Other Stories haul from my trip to london. Great shop, wish we had it here!

2// My new Sunflower Shorts from Asos which are actually pretty difficult to style.

3// Lola's cupcakes. Amazing but very expensive - this teeny tiny was about £1.50!

4// OOTD galore!

5// In love with Nars 'Schiap' Lipstick. The perfect bright pink!

6// An Asos haul featuring a lovely yet untrue leotard and those printed shorts.

7// Loving this little cactus guy. Too cute.

8// Surviving on Cappuccinos at the moment.

9// A wardrobe clear-out happened. I posted about it here.

10// Daily essentials - Good undies and pretty makeup is a must.

11// Selfies galore!

12// My beautiful new Triangl Bikini, in love! Now i need to go on holiday!

13// Whistles sale was very good. Picked up this beauty of a makeup bag, perfect timing before visiting my boyfriend.

14// A look from my summer lookbook which you can watch here!

15// Cute topshop undies. Can you tell i have a thing for cute underwear?

16// Jo Malone Nectarine Blosson & Honey is my current favourite sent. lovely jubbly.

17// AMAZING Burger and mint lemonade. Need to go back ASAP.

18// Numerous Bobbi Brown Purchases for me and the Mother.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5 Reasons to have a wardrobe clear-out & some tips.

Organising things is probably up there in my top 5 things to do, its just so refreshing to have a clear out and ensure everything is neat and tidy. I'm not this way with everything, but i do like to make sure i have a wardrobe re-jig and clear out at least every season. Here are some reasons why you should do the same and some tips to help you along the way to a cleaner, clearer wardrobe space! These tips could of course be applied to anything, like your makeup collection, but i may make a separate post on that. Anna also recently made a video (here) all about this is you'd like some extra helpful pointers other than mine.
  1. A wardrobe clear out means you can see what you actually have in your wardrobe. Keeping clothes 'just in case' often leaves you with a ton of clothes which you won't wear, and no space to add in things which you will wear. Having only clothes you love in your wardrobe is really refreshing and makes getting ready 10x easier and more enjoyable.
  2. You may find and remember some clothes you loved and forgot about. Every time i have a sort out i find something and remember how much use i got out of it, giving me inspiration for more outfits and meaning i actually get use out of all of my clothes.
  3. Its a chance to try out new outfit combinations you normally wouldn't try due to not wanting to rummage through everything. I find this especially handy with fashion blogging - i used my recent clear out to give me inspiration for outfit posts i could put together and just outfit combinations which i wouldn't usually reach for due to being used to wearing the same clothes over and over out of ease. 
  4. You can see where the gaps are in your wardrobe, so that you can add in any pieces which you think would fit in well. When you have an abundance of clothes you never seem to think there may be something you actually need in your wardrobe, but its surprising when you have a clear out how many pieces you feel like you are lacking in. Before i went to London i had a clear out and realised i was in dire need of more plain skirts, so i picked up the American Apparel Tennis Skirt in white i had been lusting after but not wanting to spend the money on due to having a load of other skirts(which i just didn't wear).
  5. A wardrobe clear out is a great way to make some money. You never really realise how much money you have lying around in clothes you don't wear, until you get selling. Good ol' eBay and now Depop are great to use when you want to get rid of some old things, as you're sure to find a better home for them and make some money in the process, rather than having them sitting around collecting dust. Anything that doesn't sell you can give to charity, which is always a good feeling. I've currently got three big piles of clothes i need to stick on Depop from this clear out, and its nice to see my rail relatively empty! 
And heres what to do:
  • Take EVERYTHING out of your wardrobe. Even all the things on shelves/in drawers. This means you can really see just how much you have, and then you can build your wardrobe again from scratch.
  • Make some piles. I tend to make a keep pile, a maybe pile, a winter pile, a sell pile and a charity pile. Along with having a bin bag for clothes which just need binning! This way i can immediately see what i want to keep and know i wear, what i know i'll wear come wintertime, and what i definitely will never wear again. 
  • Once your left with the maybe pile, try on some of the clothes to see if you feel comfortable in them and if they're very 'you'. I often find i buy into trends, wear them once and then never wear them again as they're just not me. Its horrible to get rid of practically brand new things, but sometimes it just has to be done. If there are multiples of things in the maybe pile, such as a couple of shirts or dresses which are pretty similar, i tend to keep the one i like the most and get rid of the other, as if i'm unsure of it i definitely don't need two of it. 
  • Have a look at the things in the maybe pile, and have a think if there is anything on your wishlist similar which you'd much rather purchase. I know i'm lusting over the larger Whistles clutch bag, so once i've sold a couple of my clutches i barely use i'm going to pick one up stat.
  • Put everything back in some kind of order. Some people colour code, some people use sections for different items. I go for the latter. This way when i'm getting ready i can choose something from each section. I don't colour code these sections as i tend to have a mix of colours. This again also helps me to see if i'm lacking in anything. About a year ago i could see that i had a HUGE amount of bottoms, but barely any tops to pair with them. Now roles seem to have reversed and i'm in dire need of some new trousers! 
Hopefully this has helped to inspire you to have a clear out yourself. Let me know if you make any progress!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Base Combination Perfect for Summer.

I've never before realised why people mixed foundations. It always seemed like too much faff for me, i'd rather just slap it on without too much thought. Recently i realised how much i'd been neglecting my Dior BB creme due to the shade being too dark and pink, so i mixed it with my chanel Vitalumiere Aqua to pale it down a little, and thats when the magic happened...

The Dior BB creme was a favourite of mine last summer, but due to it being slightly too dark and pink it left me looking a little burnt so required a lot of work to make it look natural. The finish though is perfect for summer - lightweight with a satin finish, much more matte than your usual tinted moisturiser but with a good medium coverage. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is quite different, this is actually more of a winter shade for me, so without any bronzer can look a little pale, but not pale enough to go up to the next shade. The finish is dewy and natural, with more of a light but buildable coverage. Mixed together the two make the perfect summer base for me: The shade is spot on, the finish is dewy in all the right places but still stays put all day long due to the slightly matte finish of the Dior, and it gives me the coverage i need without being heavy or detectable. All in all its a pretty dreamy combination.

If you have a foundation thats not quite right for you, whether its down to the finish or shade, i'd really suggest mixing it with a foundation you love and i bet you'll come up with a combination you just can't stop wearing. A little more faff yes, but i hate wasting product so this is the perfect way to make sure nothing gets neglected.

Monday, 11 August 2014

A weekend in London.

So on friday i headed up to London for a couple days there with the boyfriend. The weekend was planned around going to see Anberlin on the friday night at The Electric Ballroom in Camden (amazing venue!) as it was their last gig and my boyfriend is obsessed! The first day was mainly spent exploring and having lunch before heading down to the gig, and then the next day we did a little more shopping and exploring and of course ate more food!

On friday we had lunch/dinner at The Diner in Covent Garden, but both ended up getting breakfast meals as we hadn't really eaten breakfast. One word - Amazing. The last time i visited london i has brekkie at The Breakfast Club and really wasn't a fan of their pancakes at all, but these ones were seriously the best I've tried. So light and fluffy yet sweet and filling. They were the kind of pancakes which you could eat forever and not feel ill afterward eating. To beef it up a little i went for the version that came with bacon and eggs which were both perfectly cooked and really complimented the sweetness of the pancakes, and it was of course all topped off with a good dose of proper maple syrup. My boyfriend went for the Full English Breakfast which was also super tasty - I may have stolen one of the mushrooms. Mmm.

The following day we ate a lot more food but i only ended up snapping our meal at Bill's. We again went for breakfast but this time it was actually morning. I went for the Eggs Royale whilst he went for the Eggs Benedict. I've never had Eggs Royale before but it was the perfect savoury breakfast meal. Everything was cooked perfectly and full of amazing flavours, so i'd definitely recommend heading down there if you have the chance. Along with Bill's we ate at Patty & Bun which i ate in such a hurry that i forgot to snap (bad blogger!). The burgers were great, big and greasy but in a good way, with lots of toppings and flavours. Very cheesy, meaty and saucy! If you live in Bournemouth its very very similar to The Burger Shop - in decor and food. I did feel a little ill after the burger though as i think i'd ate too much and they were very rich, oops.

London is great and perfect for a weekend away full of experiences, but i definitely don't think i could live there. The touristy parts (westminster) really stressed me out and oxford street is just too busy for my liking, but covent garden and carnaby street were lovely places to be. We spent majority of the time in Covent Garden as luckily our hotel was there, there are so many little lanes and streets to walk down and a huge range of shops to visit. A visit to Lola's cupcakes was made after seeing it multiple times on different bloggers instagrams and Monmouth Coffee is now 100% my favourite coffee place. The best coffee i've ever tried, so rich and full tasting. Back in Carnaby street i had to visit Ben's Cookies again - Usually the second time eating something isn't as great as the first, but they are still such tasty cookies. Go for the Chocolate and Praline, you won't be disappointed!

For all you beauty lovers i'm filming a 'Whats in my travel makeup bag' video which will be up on my youtube on thursday, but for skincare i brought only the necessities. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel as its hydrating and refreshing, A Micellar water to remove my makeup, Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream for day and Kiehl's Avacado Eye Cream for night, The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser for day cream and SPF in one, and a little oil sample to use at night. And of course my La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres comes with me everywhere.

I wish i had stayed in London longer so i could have explored it a little more and eaten in more places, so i'm sure i'll be back soon enough!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Finding The Perfect Nude #1 | Burberry Lip Cover no.11

Finding the perfect nude is rather a hard task. All of the most loved nudes in the blogging world are either too pale, too pink or just not right for my skin tone. For example, Mac patisserie and shy girl just make me look washed out. So, i have been embarking on a quest to find the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone, and my first new found love is the Burberry Lip Cover in Antique rose, no.11.

This lipstick isn't really your typical nude, but more a 'my lips but nuder' shade. It's definitely more on the pinky end of the scale, but does a good job at muting down the lips whilst giving them a bit of colour. In terms of formula, its pretty much opaque and leaves a satin finish on the lips, not matte, but not sheeny either and it really stays put. I'd say this lasts a good 4 or so hours on me before i feel the need to re-apply. If you're around my skin tone then this will be a great subtle everyday lipstick for you, but even if you're paler or darker i can see it being a universally beautiful looking lipstick. The thing i really do love the most about burberry lipsticks has to be the packaging. They're so luxe and sophisticated, everything down to the simple embossing and magnetic closure - they really do know the way to my heart. Being a high end brand they're rather expensive, but being cheaper than Chanel means i don't feel so bad buying a couple...

So, if you've been having the same struggle as me, then maybe this post has helped to point you in the right direction. I've got a couple other nudes lined up which fit other criteria, so stay tuned!

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