Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Base Combination Perfect for Summer.

I've never before realised why people mixed foundations. It always seemed like too much faff for me, i'd rather just slap it on without too much thought. Recently i realised how much i'd been neglecting my Dior BB creme due to the shade being too dark and pink, so i mixed it with my chanel Vitalumiere Aqua to pale it down a little, and thats when the magic happened...

The Dior BB creme was a favourite of mine last summer, but due to it being slightly too dark and pink it left me looking a little burnt so required a lot of work to make it look natural. The finish though is perfect for summer - lightweight with a satin finish, much more matte than your usual tinted moisturiser but with a good medium coverage. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is quite different, this is actually more of a winter shade for me, so without any bronzer can look a little pale, but not pale enough to go up to the next shade. The finish is dewy and natural, with more of a light but buildable coverage. Mixed together the two make the perfect summer base for me: The shade is spot on, the finish is dewy in all the right places but still stays put all day long due to the slightly matte finish of the Dior, and it gives me the coverage i need without being heavy or detectable. All in all its a pretty dreamy combination.

If you have a foundation thats not quite right for you, whether its down to the finish or shade, i'd really suggest mixing it with a foundation you love and i bet you'll come up with a combination you just can't stop wearing. A little more faff yes, but i hate wasting product so this is the perfect way to make sure nothing gets neglected.

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