Monday, 11 August 2014

A weekend in London.

So on friday i headed up to London for a couple days there with the boyfriend. The weekend was planned around going to see Anberlin on the friday night at The Electric Ballroom in Camden (amazing venue!) as it was their last gig and my boyfriend is obsessed! The first day was mainly spent exploring and having lunch before heading down to the gig, and then the next day we did a little more shopping and exploring and of course ate more food!

On friday we had lunch/dinner at The Diner in Covent Garden, but both ended up getting breakfast meals as we hadn't really eaten breakfast. One word - Amazing. The last time i visited london i has brekkie at The Breakfast Club and really wasn't a fan of their pancakes at all, but these ones were seriously the best I've tried. So light and fluffy yet sweet and filling. They were the kind of pancakes which you could eat forever and not feel ill afterward eating. To beef it up a little i went for the version that came with bacon and eggs which were both perfectly cooked and really complimented the sweetness of the pancakes, and it was of course all topped off with a good dose of proper maple syrup. My boyfriend went for the Full English Breakfast which was also super tasty - I may have stolen one of the mushrooms. Mmm.

The following day we ate a lot more food but i only ended up snapping our meal at Bill's. We again went for breakfast but this time it was actually morning. I went for the Eggs Royale whilst he went for the Eggs Benedict. I've never had Eggs Royale before but it was the perfect savoury breakfast meal. Everything was cooked perfectly and full of amazing flavours, so i'd definitely recommend heading down there if you have the chance. Along with Bill's we ate at Patty & Bun which i ate in such a hurry that i forgot to snap (bad blogger!). The burgers were great, big and greasy but in a good way, with lots of toppings and flavours. Very cheesy, meaty and saucy! If you live in Bournemouth its very very similar to The Burger Shop - in decor and food. I did feel a little ill after the burger though as i think i'd ate too much and they were very rich, oops.

London is great and perfect for a weekend away full of experiences, but i definitely don't think i could live there. The touristy parts (westminster) really stressed me out and oxford street is just too busy for my liking, but covent garden and carnaby street were lovely places to be. We spent majority of the time in Covent Garden as luckily our hotel was there, there are so many little lanes and streets to walk down and a huge range of shops to visit. A visit to Lola's cupcakes was made after seeing it multiple times on different bloggers instagrams and Monmouth Coffee is now 100% my favourite coffee place. The best coffee i've ever tried, so rich and full tasting. Back in Carnaby street i had to visit Ben's Cookies again - Usually the second time eating something isn't as great as the first, but they are still such tasty cookies. Go for the Chocolate and Praline, you won't be disappointed!

For all you beauty lovers i'm filming a 'Whats in my travel makeup bag' video which will be up on my youtube on thursday, but for skincare i brought only the necessities. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel as its hydrating and refreshing, A Micellar water to remove my makeup, Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream for day and Kiehl's Avacado Eye Cream for night, The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser for day cream and SPF in one, and a little oil sample to use at night. And of course my La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres comes with me everywhere.

I wish i had stayed in London longer so i could have explored it a little more and eaten in more places, so i'm sure i'll be back soon enough!

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