Friday, 24 July 2015

The Morning Ritual | Easy Steps To Energise, Ease Digestion & Minimise Bloating

These Past 5 months i've been on a bit of a health kick. The whole fitness lifestyle never appealed to me before, but suddenly something switched and i'm loving working out and eating healthier. Regardless of eating mostly healthy and tracking my macros, i do still find i get bloated, especially if i've eaten more naughty foods that day or eaten late. With my busy days, i can sometimes also lack energy, and rather than drinking a million cups of coffee, i wanted to find some other ways to improve my energy levels. I did a little research and found a few ways to increase my energy levels naturally, along with helping to minimise bloating and ease digestion. I've been following these steps each day and i've seen such a difference in my energy levels, and reduced bloating throughout the day.

1. DRINK A CUP OF WARM LEMON & GINGER WATER BEFORE BREAKFAST. I find that drinking this instead of tea or coffee gives me a much better energy boost with no crash, and helps to line my stomach ready for my meal. The lemon helps to detox your system, aiding digestion and the elimination of waste. Lemon also contains a range of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin A and iron, along with helping to boost your immune system. The ginger also helps with digestion, along with reducing inflammation, helping nausea and helping with things such as muscle soreness and period pains. Result! It can also help to reduce the risk of more serious health issues such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, high cholesterol and heart disease. A lot to take in, but basically - drink it, you'll feel way better!

2. EAT HALF A GRAPEFRUIT WITH YOUR BREAKFAST. Grapefruit is great for many reasons. Half a grapefruit contains over 60% of your daily recommended vitamin A & C intake, along with containing many other vitamins and minerals. Due to the high water and fibre content (they're 91% water!), they can also help with hydration and digeston. They are also a great antioxidant, and can help to reduce the risk of many health conditions. All of this along with increasing energy, supporting clear and healthy skin, and helping with weight loss makes them a no brainer food to start your morning with!

3. DRINK GREEN TEA THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Okay so this one isn't exactly a morning ritual, but i try to drink 2-3 cups of green tea throughout the day, after eating. Try not to put any sugar in it, if anything, add in a little honey or lemon! Green tea contains a large number of antioxidants which are important for protecting your body from cell damage which can lead to ageing and disease. It can also help to increase brain function, boost your metabolism and overall improve your health, helping you to live longer! Drinking this after eating helps me to feel less bloated and ensures i don't get sleepy after a big meal. I also find it can actually help to take away my sweet cravings, but this is not a proven fact haha!

I would 100% recommend everyone to include these steps in their morning/ daily ritual, regardless of wether you are into health and fitness or not. You'll feel so much better, and feel less need to rely on the coffee! Let me know how you get on!



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