Monday, 19 October 2015

A Nude Pout | Nude Lipstick & Liner Favourites

Nude lips are something i've loved since i first started getting into makeup. Of course it all started with the concealer lips, and slowly but surely i've found shades which suit my skin tone perfectly. Most days i'll throw on a slightly glossy, sheer nude, but on days where i'm wanting a full face of makeup and a bold nude pout, i'll opt for these products.

For Liner, i will go for either the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (if i'm just lining my lips lightly) or Mac Lip Liners in either Whirl or Spice (if i'm wanting to overline my lips for a bold nude lip). The CT is lighter in colour and more pink toned, perfect for evening out your lips and sharpening up the line ready for your lipstick. The Mac liners are both darker in colour, verging on brown but still in a natural lip colour way, making them perfect for overlining and filling in your lips to make them look full and to make them stand out as the focal point of your makeup look. They are both currently in stock on selfridges, which is rare, so i'd pick them up before they're gone again!

Lipstick wise, i'm always rotating out these ones. For Mac Lipsticks, i love Half 'n' Half for a more matte lip, or Modesty for a slightly darker, more sheeny lip. Both are beautiful in formula and colour. The First is more of a true nude, and slightly lighter in colour. Its matte and very opaque, however it is not drying at all - it has a slight butteryness to it which makes the finish look more natural and means it won't dry out your lips. Modesty is slightly more pinky brown, and it has a sheen to it with less of an opaque finish, although you can definitely build it up. I tend to pair modesty with Whirl, and Half 'n' Half with Spice. If i want to go for a different brand, the Nars satin lip pencil in Isola Bella or the Hourglass Femme Nude lipstick in no.6 are both favourites. The Nars is more of a peachy-brown nude, and the hourglass more of a true nude.

Nude lips are perfect all year round, and investing in a few favourites means i have colours on hand no matter my current skintone. Let me know your favourites!

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