Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fitness | Getting Back The Motivation or Starting Off Your Journey


After a 3 month break from the gym, i thought it was about time i got back on track, especially with my holiday coming up. I've definitely lost a lot of the muscle i built during the time i was at the gym, and gained a little fluff around my stomach. So i'm giving myself a 5 week challenge, where i'll be stepping it up a notch and really focusing on a routine at the gym, and sticking to my macros with only a few days off. Week one complete and things are going well! Once you stop its so easy to give up, and its even harder to start again the longer you leave it. With my business, travelling around the country, being ill and other life things going on, things just kept getting in the way and i kept saying 'i'll start next monday.' Now that i'm determined to get back on track and on my road to fit again, here are my top tips for staying motivated at the gym.

START NOW // Don't wait until tomorrow, or until monday. If you keep putting it off, you will always find something more important to do or something will get in the way. Trust me, i put it off for 3 months! Even if you don't have a gym membership or healthy food in the fridge, starting right now gives you time to prep. You can order a food shop online, write a shopping list or if you have time, go pick up the food right away. And signing up for a gym membership these days is so easy, with most gyms allowing you to register online.

YOU DONT NEED A GYM // Although having a gym membership is a huge help, if you can't make it to the gym that day, or a membership isn't in your budget, there are some great ways you can work out at home or outside. Investing in a yoga mat and some dumbbells means you can easily squeeze in a half hour workout at home or in the park.  There are some great high intensity low weight workouts available online you can do, which give amazing results.

DONT EXPECT RESULTS IN A WEEK // Whether you've had some time off, or this is a brand new journey for you, you won't see results in just a few visits. Stick at it, and changes will come. If you've just had a little while off, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll get back in shape, but it still won't be overnight. Give it a few weeks and you'll start to feel and see results.

DONT OVERWORK YOURSELF // Setting goals of going to the gym 5-6 times a week is great, but only if its plausible. If you can only viably fit in 2-3 days, then stick to that. If your goals seem unobtainable and out of reach, then you won't stick to it. I know when i used to set goals of going 4 days a week, i'd feel so demotivated if i could only achieve 3. And remember, if you can fit in an extra day, you'll feel great!

HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER/ COACH // Hiring a personal trainer in the gym, or working with a coach online, will really help you to stick at it. When theres someone there telling what you should be doing, its a real motivator as 1. It would really suck to disappoint them and 2. You're paying for it so you don't want to waste the money! They will also introduce exercises you may never have thought to include, or put you on a food programme which you may not have been able to stick to without that extra push from them.

SET GOALS & TAKE PROGRESS PICTURES // Setting realistic goals, and larger goals, will help to keep you motivated. For example, my goals are to go to the gym 3 days a week, stick to my macros 6 days a week, grow my legs/glutes and try to lose some fat/ gain definition around my stomach. Other goals are to try and improve my strength in squats and hip thrusts. Appearance related goals are great, but you should also try to see fitness as a heath/ strength thing too!

A HEALTHY DIET IS IMPORTANT TOO // You'll find everything so much easier, and the results will come a lot quicker, if you make sure your diet is on point too. That doesn't mean cutting out carbs or sticking to 100% clean foods (unless you're into that then go ahead!), but just making sure you're eating foods full of nutrients which will nourish and fuel your body, and making sure you're eating just the right amount - not too much, and not too little. Personally for me i like to track my macros on My Fitness Pal. It helps to keep me on track and that way, i can be sure i'm not going under or over. Everyones macros will be different, but i suggest eating 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight and then i just play around with my fats and carbs until i find the levels which work for me. I use this website tool ( to work out my daily calories, and then input that on My Fitness Pal and use their tool to guess what my macros should be. I'm no expert and one day i will most definitely hire a coach to work out my macros, but if you're just starting out i don't think its 100% necessary.

Hopefully these tips have helped you, it really can be hard staying motivated with fitness, but it really is worth it. I know i'll be looking back at this blog post when things get tough!


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