Sunday, 31 January 2016



2015 was the year i discovered fitness. I was fully into it and loved the lifestyle, but then my business really took over and i slowly but surely fell out of the healthy routine i was in. Now that its 2016, there have been an abundance of new years resolutions posts and videos cropping up online, and they really have motivated me. I've realised that having your own business means you'll always be super busy, and so therefore i need to learn to work around it. I thought i'd touch on my fitness goals here, and how i'm planning to achieve them:

  • PRACTICE YOGA // I never thought of yoga as something i would ever do, but after reading more about it, i've realised its something which would be great for me and my lifestyle. I'll still be going to the gym, but a couple of yoga sessions a week at home in my lounge with a youtube video on the tv is my aim. I definitely need to improve my flexibility and balance, so i'm hoping taking up yoga will improve these things and also help to clear my mind and help me relax.
  • GET BACK INTO THE GYM // I'm not really into cardio so the gym is where i always work out. I'm aiming to go 3 times a week (2x lower body days & 1x upper body/abs day). I focus on weight training with a short cardio session at the end. So far so good! Once i've been back at it for a little while i'm thinking to upload some fitness videos to my youtube if you're interested?
  • EAT BETTER FOOD // Being busy with work meant i found myself snacking on chocolate and empty calorie foods rather than taking the time to prepare wholesome foods and snacks, and then christmas worsened this habit. I had a huge clear out of my cupboards the other week to get rid of all the rubbish, and then placed a big healthy food order from tesco to replenish. We are few food ships down since then and so far, so good. The only treats i've bought have been healthier alternatives which aren't all that bad for you. I'm writing a separate post all about this but i think keeping my cupboards stocked with good food is the first step to staying on track. I'm going to continue tracking my macros as i did last year but i'm going to make sure that i'm actually eating wholesome foods rather than just foods with the right macro breakdown.
So they're my current fitness goals. Of course i have larger goals such as a bigger butt, a smaller waist and a more defined stomach, but these are more long term goals. It's always good to have smaller, more achievable goals to keep you on track. Let me know your goals for 2016!

Thank you to BooHoo for providing me with this outfit and a motivational kit to kick my ass into gear.


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