Friday, 5 February 2016


Today i thought i would write up a little post about Becca as without realising, ive purchased 4 thing within the last month. Becca is a brand which i never really paid attention to, but i feel like recently they have been bringing out some amazing products which you should know about. So, onto the purchases!

The first thing and the thing i was most excited about is the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector pressed in Champagne Pop. This has been raved about all over social media and for good reason.
For one its so exciting when Youtubers come out with beauty products, and two the highlight is absolutely beautiful. Now i love a good stand out highlight, but i really dont like cool silvery toned ones. This one is perfect, as the name suggests its a soft champagne tone - not too warm and not too cool. I can see this suiting almost all skin tones. The powder itself is soft and blends so easily onto the skin, although its a powder the finish is very smooth like you've used a cream. I'd say the lasting power is pretty good too. I tend to wear my makeup for around 8-10 hours and it seems to stay in place for the whole time! In. Love.

The second product is the Ombre Rouge Eyeshadow Palette. I've got quite a few eyeshadow palettes but only one matte palette which is cool toned, so seeing as i wear mostly warm toned eyeshadows i thought this palette was perfect for me and a must have. As soon as it arrived i knew i would love it, the shade range is spot on, meaning you can create soft and subtle daytime eye looks, or a more dramatic smokey eye. They look great on their own but you can also use the palette as base/crease shades and pair it with shimmery lid shadows. Again, the blend-ability and lasting power on these is great. If you like really warm toned brown almost orangey shades then you'll love this.

Moving on to another cheek palette and the product i've had the longest, the Afterglow Palette. This palette is made up of 5 shades, 3 highlight shades and two blush shades. Two of the highlights are darker highlights, more suited as shimmery bronzers or blushers. I think this is a great palette to own if like me, you love a highlighted cheek, as the shades really do help to bring light and dimension to the face. Personally i use these more as blushes than highlights as i just love Champagne Pop so i pair them together!

And then finally the Under Eye Brightening Corrector. So i'd say this is the product i'm least impressed with, which i was shocked by as it has such good reviews. The first time i used this above makeup (as i usually do with corrector) and i found it to be patchy and far too light for my skintone, even once i applied concealer on top. I've since tried it under my foundation and the results are much better, and it does mean i can use much less concealer to get the same brightening effect, but for me its a bit of a faff to use two products. I think on paler skintones you may find it easier to use as you won't have to conceal the colour so much, but for me i think i'll save it for evenings out when i want really perfectly concealed bright undereyes.

I'm so impressed by Becca as a brand and i cant wait to try out more products from them. Please let me know if you've tried any of their products and your thoughts!


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