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So before i get on to the topic of this post, i wanted to quickly talk about this outfit. I can't wait until it gets a bit warmer so that i can properly wear this dress for more than 15 minutes, as for now its a little bit too chilly! Its by French Connection, a brand i'm loving at the moment. I have no idea how i've only just discovered them, but i'm well and truly hooked and now own a few pieces. I immediately knew this dress would look great with my Whistles heels, which i haven't even had a chance to wear yet. I really need to go to fancier places! Unfortunately i don't think they're available anymore as i got them about 6 months ago, but i've linked what i can find. My Givenchy Antigona has become my staple daytime bag now, and my All Saints leather jacket is my go-to as it goes with anything, smart or causal. If you want to see a review of the bag swell as what i carry around with me day to day, i have a video going live on my channel at the weekend! Anyway, on to the post...

Since starting Oh So Lovely Intimates, i've felt as though i should really start planning for the future and start thinking of ways i can better myself further. It may seem a little much at only 18, but seeing as i've managed to create a great business and stable income for myself, theres no reason i shouldn't get a head start on other aspects of life also, one to make sure i don't blow my money, and also to motivate me further to succeed. 

I think the thing people think of first is saving. Saving for a mortgage, saving for a car. I've been umming and ahhing about whether i should give myself the burden of saving for a mortgage so young. There are so many things which you have to take into consideration when planning to take out a mortgage, and although its still a few years off, i think i'm just a little scared to actually own a house! I'm definitely going to begin saving my money rather than spending it left right and centre on god knows what, but i think a meeting with a mortgage advisor is in order to truly make up my mind and help me to better understand the ins and outs of everything. I'm currently renting so from an investment perspective the sooner i can buy the better, but i'm still not sure what kind of house i would want or where, and its not something i want to rush in to. Even if i don't end up buying for a while longer, if i begin saving now regardless, at least i'll then know i have some money put by for a rainy day. I do think its important for all young people to understand things such as how to take out a mortgage, apply for a loan, file a tax return etc so that you're prepared for whenever you eventually have to do these things.

Another thing i'm really enjoying lately is spending my money more wisely. Ha, it sounds so boring when you actually say it! I'm a true lover of all things fashion, but over the past 6 months i've come to realise that i enjoy investing in higher quality pieces which may be a little more expensive but can be worn time and time again, rather than buying cheaper trend pieces that i'll get bored of in a matter of months. There really is no need to have so many clothes, especially as i seem to wear only 1/4 of them. In the long run, i think this will help me to be wiser with how i spend my money, and aid my saving. I mean i don't want to be buying a £200 jacket to find out i don't actually like it! I'm hoping i can save approx 1/3 of the money i earn, and with 1/4-1/3 of my money going on rent, bills, food, essentials etc, this leaves me 1/3 or more of my income to spend as i please and i'd very much like to spend it on things which will last, if anything at all. A blogging tip i have is to shoot clothes with the tags still on and change out of them immediately after, so you can either return them or sell them as brand new - cheeky i know but its great for saving money! I try not to do this too often as i want my blog to be a true reflection of what i wear, but if theres a piece i love but don't absolutely need, i'll do this little trick.

Expanding my business is another thing i'm keen to work on. I want to expand my online presence as a brand, and also work on getting my brand stocked in boutiques all over the world. I'm so amazed by what we have managed to achieve in only 18 months, but i know there are still so many things to work on and so many things i still want to do. I'm constantly thinking up new ideas and facets to add to the brand. I'm so excited to see where i'll be in another 18 months time! I may write a post on starting your own business soon if anyone would be interested?

Although i don't expect blogging to become a career for me, i really hope my blog will continue to grow, so i can help and inspire more people, even if its just helping them decide on which boots to buy! I love sharing little snippets of my life, my thoughts and my fashion favourites, so i'm hoping this is something i can continue to do for the foreseeable future, even as my business grows. I'm hoping to i'll still be able to find the time no matter what! You're not getting rid of me just yet.

I think organisation is key when planning for the future. In fact, i think its key when you want to succeed with anything. Keeping an eye on my income, planning how much i should save each month, planning ahead with my collections, photoshoots etc, planning my week so i can be as productive as possible and keeping an organised and tidy work/ living environment will all help me to feel more grounded and likely to do well. I know since getting a planner and multiple notebooks to jot down my ideas in, i've slept a lot better and been able to think a lot clearer, as i now haven't always got a million things to remember in my mind.

Finally, i'm going to start working on a five year plan. In five years time i'll be 23 almost 24, and ideally i'd like to have a bigger home (which will hopefully not be rented, or i want to at least be closer to a mortgage), a car, a dog and have Oh So Lovely Intimates be more than just a small business. Another thing i'd really like to do is try out living in London for a short time period! Although i have these goals, i think its important to make a plan on how i am going to go about achieving them, and to also make some smaller goals along the way so that i don't get disheartened if i haven't achieved any of these things in a few years time. 5 years might not be realistic, so making a plan and having a proper think about everything will make me more likely to succeed and achieve at least some of my goals, rather than becoming overwhelmed.

Even though i've got all of these exciting goals and plans, one thing i'm trying to make sure to do is to enjoy myself. Not to always get bogged down by the scary and boring adult things in life! Sure, i could work 24/7 and possibly achieve my goals a little faster, but i wouldn't happy. It's so important to have balance, and to recognise when you should take time out for yourself, step away from your plan and just have fun. I may have the sudden urge to go travelling and find that my early 20s is the only viable time to do it, which would of course set back my plan, but would be so worth it. I think planning is key for success, but so is taking each day as it comes and living life to its fullest. At the end of the day, i want to be able to look back on my life and be really proud of what i've achieved and all of the memories i've made. You can plan for life as much as you want, but you cannot predict the future and what the world may throw at you.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, i'm loving sharing some more personal things on my blog and making my content more diverse. Let me know your plans for the future and your thoughts on any points that i've made!

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