Sunday, 14 February 2016


Ok so i don't need any excuse to have a good pamper or a relaxed slow morning, but if i did, Valentine's Day would definitely be a good one. Whether you're in a relationship or single, a pamper is a must - whether its to prep yourself for the day or to cheer yourself up about your lack of a date!

LIGHT SOME CANDLES // Pamper sessions must include candles. They create ambience, fill the room with an amazing smell, along with creating a relaxing and soothing environment. I like to light them in the daytime or the evening, the effects are the same. I'm currently loving this CocoLux Candle from the lovely people at Amara Living. I have the Wild Frangipani Scent in the smaller size, it smells amazing and look at that jar! I'll definitely be cleaning it out once its done to use as a storage jar, and then moving on to purchase a larger one...

RUN YOURSELF A BATH // What pamper session is complete without a bath full of bubbles and relaxing oils? A bath is my first port of call on a pamper day/evening. I sprinkle in a little bit of a foaming bath bomb or liquid, and add a few drops of an oil for the perfect relaxation session. If you don't have a bath, then simply have a hot shower and smother yourself in said oils! Of course you'll want to shave, moisturise and generally make yourself soft, smooth and clean so you feel like a whole new woman. Aromatherapy Associates are my favourite brand for oils at the moment, although i'm dying to try Jo Malone.

PUT ON YOUR FAVOURITE PJ'S // So whilst getting ready for the day, I like to put on my favourite pjs or a satin robe (this one is from the Rosie for Autograph range, link here) to make myself feel truly special. Throw on some cosy socks (I suggest The White Company Cashmere Bed Socks) and you'll want to spend all day getting ready...

SOME DOWN TIME // So after your pamper, the last thing you want to do is get your brain going again with social media and other internet activities. I like to put on a film, read a book or write in my journal to stay truly relaxed and de-stressed.

TREATS // No valentines day is complete without some delicious treats! I love chocolate covered strawberries, they are simple and fun to make and are much better for you than eating a whole bar of chocolate. That being said, i've polished off a fair few Lindor's today...

So after all of that, you should be ready for a perfect valentines day. Whether you are spending it with your lover, your friends, or simply by yourself. After a perfect pamper session you'll be so relaxed and de-stressed that it won't matter!

Here are some links to my favourite pamper products:


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