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Bonjour! So i got back from paris late last night and couldn't wait to begin editing the blog posts and vlog i shot whilst there. This is my outfit from the first day, which was so hectic yet exciting. We got to paris at half 2 after being up since 6am, and after checking in to our air bnb, we instantly set off to explore Paris. Wandering the streets was so magical, i was so mesmerised by the beautiful architecture and cobbled streets. It just felt so different to back home in England. I could simply wander the streets forever, checking out the little shops along the way, but we made sure to do some touristy things such as visit the Notre Dame cathedral (just wow) before going for dinner. Although in Paris we both decided we wanted Italian instead of French, so we found this quaint little place near where we were staying called Le Bucheron, and had what was possibly the best Italian food i have ever tried! We shared the Carbonara and the Bolognese, with a couple of glasses of red wine. After sufficiently stuffing our bellies it was getting quite late and we were so exhausted, so we crashed for the night in our beautiful apartment. I've posted a couple of snaps of it on Instagram, along with some more photos from the trip, so be sure to check it out! Wearing this outfit inspired me to write about investing in higher quality pieces, which is what i've been doing lately and i've been loving it.

I've recently began saving my money up to purchase pieces of higher quality, rather than aimlessly spending in high street stores 24/7 on things i don't really need and usually end up getting rid of. Since doing this, i've been so much happier with my wardrobe and i think this is down to a few things. 

For one, the cuts are so much better. High street brands seem to spend less time perfecting the cut of a piece, and sizing can vary a lot from piece to piece. I find that since investing in higher quality pieces, everything (so far) has been very true to size and very flattering, rather than sticking out or looking weird in odd places. This has made me feel so much more confident in myself as i know what i'm wearing flatters my figure. 

Another thing is that the quality of the fabrics is obviously much higher, which improves the feel of the garment and also means they wash and last a lot better. This was something i never really cared about as i liked to change up my style frequently but since discovering the style of clothing i like to wear most and what suits me best, i've found myself re-wearing and keeping things for a lot longer. When it comes to blazers or trousers or bags which i will keep for a long time and re-wear time and time again, its so important to me that they maintain their quality throughout the time i have them as having to replace my favourite piece with something else is the worst!

There are so many high end high street brands that i'm loving at the moment, such as Jigsaw, Reiss, Joseph, Karen Millen and French Connection. They are expensive but still accessible, with their pieces being of such great quality that i see no need to splurge on designer clothing. I like to call them investment pieces without the guilt! Bags and shoes however i have no problem purchasing from luxury brands, as you may know! Probably not quite so good for my bank balance!

So, all in all i'm loving the direction my style is going in. I can purchase high street trend pieces and mix them in in with the investment pieces, which means overall the outfit tends to look that little bit more luxe and in turn gives me a huge boost of confidence. Theres just something about wearing a beautifully cut jacket which makes me feel so good about myself. Let me know if you feel like this too!

Ps. Shout out to Lydia Millen for inspiring this outfit, majority of the pieces are recommendations from her and i'm so happy she shared them! Go and follow her if you don't already!


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