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As you may or may not know, i've taken quite a few breaks from blogging - both here and on my youtube channel. Mostly because i've been so busy and haven't made the time for it, but also due to a lack of inspiration. No matter how busy you are, if you really enjoy something you can make time for it and to be honest i think i was just using my hectic life as an excuse as i really just lost my blogging mojo. Seeing as i've been (mostly) sticking to a blogging schedule for a few months now, i thought i'd share how i got my blogging mojo back.


READ MORE BLOGS (or watch more videos) // I find that reading more blogs really gets me excited about blogging. Its great for catching up on current trends, new pieces to add to your wardrobe/makeup collection and learn what kind of blog posts interest you the most. Same goes for videos if you're a youtuber! I like to note down my favourite post topics to give me inspiration when planning. Other than giving me ideas for posts, i find that reading other blogs is great for motivating me to do better. I know that if i'm feeling lost or demotivated when it comes to blogging, i read my favourite blogs such as Lydia Elise Millen & In The Frow, and afterwards i'm brimming with ideas and motivation to grow my blog. That being said, make sure you aren't copying these blogs (consciously or subconsciously) as ultimately i think this will be detrimental in the long run.

GET OUT ALL OF YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS // If i'm in a bit of a blogging rut, i find getting out all of my new/ favourite pieces of clothing (or makeup etc) can really help to inspire me. I may see a shirt or a coat i'm dying to feature, or a foundation i want to create a look with, which can then give me inspiration for a whole post or video. Find 5 things you want to post about and split them into separate posts and there you've got at least a week or two of posts sorted!

PLAN PLAN PLAN // So i'm definitely guilty of over-planning, but i think planning to some extent is so so important. I like to spend an evening a week thinking about what i'm going to post about and when. If you work a lot then the weekends are probably the only time you can get posts done, so you don't want to spend the whole time wondering what to post about. If everything has been planned for the week ahead then it'll give you a lot more time to actually work on your blog and create content you're happy with! I work from home so i'm able to be a lot more flexible, but i like to plan so i'm not left rushing a post the day before i'm due to upload due to lack of inspiration as these posts often end up the worst. If i have things planned a week or two in advance it gives me plenty of time to find the right day for the photography and i can perfect and tweak the writing for a few days before pressing publish. Posting sub-standard content or taking huge breaks from posting will be sure to take away your blogging mojo as the time spent working on your blog will feel rushed and not as enjoyable.

ALWAYS WRITE THINGS DOWN // I think its important to stay inspired with blogging if you want to keep at it. I always like to have a notebook on me, so that if i randomly think of a post idea i love i can note it down before i forget it. Its also great for if i'm shopping, as i can write down my favourite trends so i can be sure to feature them. Having a list of post ideas on hand is really helpful if i'm feeling uninspired, as i can revert back to it and find topics i'd completely forgotten about.

ONLY POST WHAT YOU LOVE // I think its so easy to get caught up in blogging and begin posting about what you think people want to see rather than what you're interested. I used to blog about beauty but these days i'm just not as interested in it. I realised i was getting bored with blogging as i was trying to stick to my original topics rather than allowing my blog to grow and evolve with my tastes, and in the end it meant i stopped blogging all together. Just because you're a beauty blogger it doesn't mean that you can't post about your style staples or home decor. Post about what you love and you're a lot more likely to stay inspired! Your blog should be a reflection of you and what you love, so as long as you're sticking to that you should have no trouble staying inspired. Same goes for the blog photography, as you can see in this post i went and shot standard outfit photos before a trip to the beach (the weather was amazing). I ended up shooting a few fun shots there and loved them so much i just had to include them, even though they didn't match the original theme of the post. If you love what you're creating then so what if it isn't the norm!

INTERACT WITH OTHER BLOGGERS // I think staying in touch with the blogging community is a great way to stay inspired. Even if you don't know any bloggers, simply putting out a tweet with one of the relevant hashtags (#fbloggers, #bbloggers or #lbloggers) can help you to feel more involved. Asking people for ideas for posts or for product recommendations keeps everything fresh. For example, getting involved with twitter blogger chats can help you to find new bloggers who may post about styles or topics you don't normally read or give you opinions of things from a different viewpoint.

So theres a few things which have helped me to get my blogging mojo back! Let me know if any of these tips help you, and let me know if you have any more tips!

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