Thursday, 28 April 2016


Hello! Here is another outfit from Ibiza, which was worn on a cloudy, colder day. I threw this outfit together and it got me thinking about how versatile my holiday wardrobe really was, as i definitely wasn't banking on any cold days but i still managed to find an outfit suitable for one. I thought i'd chat a little about how i shop for spring/ summer in this post.

I don't think i realised how much i was longing to change up my wardrobe for the warmer months. Pretty much as soon as i saw the first day of sun, i began searching the shops for the perfect spring/ summer wardrobe pieces. I began purchasing some key investment wardrobe pieces for the season and also a range of more affordable, high street, trend pieces or basics to mix in and complete my outfits.

When putting together my spring wardrobe, i stick to a few rules. I try to go for pieces in a lighter colour palette, whilst sticking to warmer styles such as jeans, shirts, off shoulder long sleeve tops, cardigans and bombers. Alternatively, if i am going for my favourite blacks and greys, then i will go for lighter fabrics such as cami, silky pieces or t shirts. I find by sticking to these kinds of styles i feel spring appropriate but I am still prepared for the colder spring days which we get an awful lot in the UK. For example, i can either pair all of the heavier pieces together, or vice versa.

Then when it comes to summer, i think its important to not go too overboard on the summer clothes as lets be honest, you wont get much use of them here in the UK unless you find yourself jetting off to warmer countries a lot. I find it best to purchase a handful of specifically summer pieces, such as crop tops, denim shorts, floaty dresses, matching two pieces, sandals and kimonos, which i can then mix in with my existing spring purchases.


I'm absolutely loving wearing off-shoulder tops at the moment. They are the perfect balance between summer dressing and weather appropriate dressing, as they still cover you up on the arms and body, and if your shoulders get cold you can just throw on a jacket. This one is from zara and i am seriously considering purchasing it in white too. I have so many from different stores in different cuts and fabrics, but they are definitely a spring/summer must for me. These shoes are also another favourite, as they are in between a sandal and a shoe. They are basically just a flat but i feel like the strap detail makes they very summery and the nude beige makes them perfect for pairing with the light blush, nude and white tones i love to wear during the warmer months. Do you have any spring/summer wardrobe rules or staple styles you go back to time and time again?


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