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So here's my final instalment of Paris Outfits and possibly my favourite. I saw this jacket on the 'Last Chance To Buy' Rack in Zara and to my dismay found they only had a L. After asking the sales assistant she let me know a delivery of all sizes was coming in the following day, so i rushed out to purchase it as i knew i had to have it! Printed jackets are not something i'm used to wearing, but as my personal style evolves i'm realising that a statement jacket is something i now love and feel confident in. I wanted to chat a little bit about finding your personal style, as its something i've been working on over the past 6 months and something which i feel is quite difficult with all of the fashion influence from bloggers and the media throwing new trends and fashion at us from every angle.

I don't think your personal style is something you 'find' and is then the same forever. Your personal style can be ever evolving, whether its with the trends, seasons or your current stage in life. I think the main thing with personal style is to be sure you are being true to you. You should be wearing things because you love them and feel confident in them, not because your favourite blogger wore it and therefore you have to regardless of it you like it or not. I know certain silhouettes just don't suit me and leave me feeling self conscious, so although i see other people rocking them i steer well clear.

In my eyes, personal style is all about your clothes being a reflection of you. I love fashion so i invest a lot of time and effort into my wardrobe and finding which pieces suit me best, and which pieces i feel the most comfortable and confident in. There are a few things i've realised along the way, so i thought i'd share them as you may be able to relate!

1. If i don't want to look like a pumpkin, balancing out oversized pieces with tighter ones is a must.

2. I have to be careful with wearing colours such as white, blue and other cool toned shades as they can wash me out. To wear these colours, i need to balance them out with black or grey around my face.

3. I love heels but i never wear them. I'm all for comfort over style, so i'm better investing my money in classic trainers, versatile boots and comfortable flats.

3. Some trends just dont suit me and thats ok. I'm never going to be able to pull off the 60's/70's trend or wear these oversized scandi style clothes. I'm better wearing timeless pieces in flattering cuts rather than trying to keep up with these trends as i often end up disappointed.

4. Come winter, its a fact that i will end up purchasing a million jumpers, no matter how hard i try. Jumper are my thing and if i could wear them all year round i would! To avoid an overflow of the same style, a pre-winter jumper evaluation is a must to make sure i'm purchasing pieces in different shapes, tones or textures.

5. Black, white, grey, camel and nude are my wardrobe staples and the colours i gravitate to most. When investing in pieces, there are the tones i should reach for to ensure i get the most wear out of my pieces. Bright colours will just never be my thing.

6. Being 5'1 and a size 4/6 i have to spend extra time when shopping to ensure i purchase clothing of a perfect fit. For example, Zara bottoms will never work for me unless they are short skirts/shorts and most dresses end up swamping me. Making use of my local tailor will ensure i can look my best in pieces which may originally not have worked so well.

7. My go-to look is a pair of skinny jeans, chelsea boots, a plain tee or jumper and a leather jacket or blazer. And i'm ok with that. Its a look which will never go out of style and i can change each season with different textures and colour palettes. Just because its not the current trend, doesn't mean it isn't stylish.

8. Think before you buy. I used to be a serial spender, so i now have a new rule. If i see something and i'm still thinking about it days later, then it deserves a purchase. If i forget about it as soon as the next thing comes along, then it wasn't meant to be. The more expensive the piece, the longer i leave it before purchase. Impulse buys usually end up in returns or regret, so thought out purchases are a must. I only break this if i am looking for a piece for a while eg. a white shirt but i'm not sure where i want to buy one from and i suddenly see one i like, as certain pieces just cant be passed up! A good tip is to try and style the piece into 5 outfits with pieces you already own, as then you can see if you will get enough wear out of it.

If you're trying to figure out your personal style, my top tip is to just give it time, you'll figure it out. However there are a couple of things which can help you along the way. Firstly, go into a shop and try EVERYTHING you like on. You should begin to see a theme with the pieces you pick out and end up loving, and this can help to give you an idea of your personal style. Another thing is to browse blogs and websites and bookmark pages or save pictures of outfits you like. Again, creating a collage of these looks should give you a common theme of styles you gravitate towards. The final thing is to just go with it! Wear an outfit, and if by the end of the day you aren't feeling it, then it wasn't right for you. Try something different and repeat until you find the styles you are most confident in!


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