Thursday, 26 May 2016



A quick outfit post today as i'm getting ready to move next week! Can't believe i've already been in this flat for 6 months. Sad to leave it behind but it's time to start a new adventure and make a new place home. I've already got my eye on some amazing pieces of furniture which will look so good in the new place. Maybe i'll film another flat tour and finally get some homeware hauls up!


Sunday, 22 May 2016


So this post isn't about new spring beauty launches from Burberry, but instead about some recent additions to my collection which i feel are perfectly apt for spring and summer. I was kindly treated to some Burberry Beauty bits for my birthday by my parents, and after swooning over the packaging for a while i finally gave them a go and so thought i would share them with you. 

As always, i am so in love with everything. From the incredibly luxe, eye catching, yet simple packaging to the beautiful formulas and great shades, i pretty much feel like Burberry can do no wrong. I feel like they are one of the best high end beauty brands on the market, even though they are often overlooked. I think this may partially be due to the fact their products aren't so readily available, but if you live in London i highly recommend visiting their Beauty Store in Covent Garden - Its perfectly laid out, the service is amazing and you can swoon over their accessories whilst you're there. I've also ordered from their website a couple of times, which is a breeze with free next day delivery, and comes complete with high quality packaging so you know your pieces will arrive safely.

I've only used a few of the products for this look as i wanted to really showcase my favourites. This look is more of an every day look for me. Most days i tend to use a good coverage foundation and concealer, a brush of bronzer and highlight and a dash of powder, before finishing off with bold brows, a sweep of cream eyeshadow, lashings of lengthening mascara and a nude lip.

These products fit in perfectly with my everyday look as the Eye Colour Cream Shadow in Mink blends out easily to create a sheer wash of bronze colour which is definitely build-able and very long lasting, and the Burberry Kisses Sheer Lipsticks are soft and hydrating. They are so pigmented considering the soft creamy texture. They don't last the longest amount of time but considering how much of a pleasure they are to use, i really don't mind. I actually don't really need to use a mirror with these as long as i've lined my lips in the morning! I'm wearing the shade English Rose here which is a pinky nude.

One thing i didnt wear in this photo was The Burberry Complete Eyeshadow Palette. I love these palettes are probably my favourite to use. The colours are so soft, buttery and easy to blend. They are a little sheer but in the best way possible. You can apply a dusting for a wash of colour and subtle definition, or build up a couple of layers for a real smokey eye which still looks perfectly blended and applied. This palette is more daytime appropriate than my other one. It contains 4 shades which remind me of muted garden shades. You've got a cool brown, a light muted pastel khaki brown, a light blush pink and a light cork colour. They all work perfectly together to add a little colour to the eye without being too much. it really is a truly interesting shade range!

I would say my favourite of them all is actually the Fresh Glow Compact Luminous Foundation (i use it as a powder), which seems like a bit of a boring choice. Its actually brilliant! I have the shade Rosy Nude and although its described as a foundation, its definitely very sheer and much more like a powder. It conceals redness, takes away shine, smooths everything out and gives you the most natural skin like finish. Its by no means glowy, but its definitely not matte either. If i'm in a rush i can apply this once in the mornings and be done, but it really does prolong the wear time of my makeup if i apply it in the day once or twice too.

So all in all, an amazing selection of products for a really natural and perfected daytime look. I am so in love with all things Burberry Beauty, i can't wait to try more. Have you tried anything? If so, what products are your favourite?



Wednesday, 18 May 2016



Hello loves! Back with yet another outfit post. The weather has been incredibly weird here, foggy one day, sunny the next, with bouts of hail and general greyness thrown in. Anyway, enough about the weather! On to what i actually wanted to talk about.

So i'm beginning to think a little differently about clothes. I used to be (read: kinda still am) addicted to shopping online and would rarely wear anything other than basics more than once, but i'm trying to break this habit. I'm starting to think about things like a mortgage and i'm also starting to care more about designer clothing and realising how much it can change an outfit. Obviously designer pieces don't come cheap, so in order to be able to save to afford these pieces, i'm having to think a little differently when i shop. I've began shopping to make the most of my current wardrobe, to increase the outfit possibilities and make sure i get as much wear out of all of my pieces as possible.


Sunday, 15 May 2016



The sun is finally out! Wahoo. I was quite depressed when i came back from Ibiza and it was all grey, but its finally perked up and its beginning to feel like summer. I picked up this dress in Ibiza to wear whilst i was there but didn't actually end up wearing it. I was quite sad when i arrived back as i didn't think there was any way i was going to be able to wear it in the UK for weeks. As soon as i saw it was sunny on Sunday i just knew i had to wear this whilst i had the chance! Its very different for me, i never usually go for midi dresses let alone baggy midi dresses, but something about this just called out to me.

I love the beach bohemian vibes this dress gives off, with the muted striped linen fabric, the raw edges and the midi length, all finished off with spaghetti straps and a curved slit hem. I think its intended to be a knee length dress but as i'm so short it comes up a lot longer, which i don't mind. As we were planning to go to a beach BBQ i didn't want to go all out with the accessories, so i just threw on my favourite BooHoo sandals with my Zara bag which i wore loads on holiday, my Quay sunglasses which seem to be surgically attached to my face and my favourite Bagatiba jewels. Jessie designs the most beautiful pieces and i just love how fun this star choker is, i feel like it really completes the beachy, laid back vibes of this look.


Wednesday, 11 May 2016



So i finally got a chance to wear my beautiful For Love And Lemons Vika Set! Ive worn both the skirt and top separately but due to the cold weather in England i haven't been brave enough to wear it as a whole. I brought it with me on holiday as i just knew it would be perfect for an evening meal. I wanted to dress it down a little so that i would feel comfortable in it wherever i went, so i paired it with a casual denim jacket and summer wedges, with a pop of colour with my bag. 

I'm so in love with this bag, its the perfect bright coloured bag as it goes with so much. I was thinking about purchasing a Saint Laurent in a bright colour, so i purchased this Zara one to try it out first to see if i'd actually wear it. So far, so good! Oh and these wedges, they are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn! They are really soft and padded so I can walk for miles in them. 

I wore this outfit to a beautiful dinner in a hidden restaurant in Ibiza Old Town. We stumbled across it when walking back to our apartment one day and vowed to go back there the same evening. I'm so glad we did. It was the most amazing, home cooked food with traditional components, cooked perfectly with decadent flavours. I left feeling truly satisfied. It was called La Torreta if you're in the area!


Sunday, 8 May 2016



So if you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know i went on a little break to Ibiza. It was a week long trip packed full of events, with a few days dedicated to photoshoots, and my boyfriends birthday at the end of the trip. Of course we wanted to spend as much time as possible relaxing alongside this, so in theory it left little to no time for blogging. But did i accept that and miss out on an opportunity to create great content? No, of course not.

So maybe i couldn't spend as much time as i would have liked on these posts, and have therefore had to stick to my usual personal style posts, but i have still created content i love and feel perfectly fits my blog. It didn't feel rushed nor a burden, and i think thats very important when blogging whilst travelling or even if you just have a busy lifestyle. I thought i'd therefore write about why i think its important to make the most of every blogging opportunity and how i make it work.

BLOG YOUR LIFE // If you're blogging your life, its so much easier to fit it in to your schedule as it becomes almost natural after a while. I simply blogged my daily outfits, whilst out and about exploring or before dinner. You could also do this with food/ restaurant posts or travel posts. It's so much easier to fit in time to blog when its about things you are already doing, and it makes it much more authentic too. Even if you don't do this all the time, it could be a good idea whilst travelling or periods where you have little time to blog.

INVEST IN A SMALLER CAMERA // I recently got rid of my DSLR and invested in the Olympus Pen kit and the 42mm lens. I can fit the camera and extra lens in most of my handbags, or if i can't i can pop the extra lens in the bag and the camera around my neck. This makes it so much easier to blog on the go as you don't have to worry about carrying a huge camera around with you, which may be a pain and worry if you are going to the beach or walking around a lot. Although i do think i'll invest in a DSLR again for video purposes, i am so happy with my choice as it has meant i can blog a lot more frequently.

PLAN IT OUT // I think planning is also key to making sure you have time to shoot for your blog. If you want to shoot your outfit before dinner, make sure to allow yourself enough time before your reservation so you don't have to rush or end up late. Or if you want to blog out and about, have a little think about where abouts you want to shoot before you go out, this way you can plan your day to include a trip to a specific place or if you are nearby you can easily fit it in without having to take time out from your day to specifically scout out a shoot location which can take a lot of time if you haven't thought it through beforehand.

PACK EFFICIENTLY // Now this may seem a little strange, but is so important for any fashion or beauty blogger when travelling. I could easily bundle a load of clothes into my suitcase and work out outfits once i've arrived in my destination, but i think if you plan our your outfits to some extent whilst you are packing, it makes blogging so much easier when you arrive. If i'm going for a week i tend to plan out maybe 10 outfits, this way i can be sure i have enough outfits to blog for any daytime or evening event, and for any kind of weather. Some outfits i won't wear but it at least means i won't miss out on an opportunity to blog if my outfits are blog worthy every single day!

LOVE YOUR BLOG // Lastly, i think this point is so important but not necessarily a tip or something you can plan. If you love your blog, blogging whilst away or super busy will not feel like a burden. Blog about what you love and never post anything for the sake of it. If you truly love the content you produce, you will find it easy to fit in the time to shoot, or even if it isn't easy, it won't feel like a chore, more a challenge. Say yes to as many blogging opportunities as physically possible, you will not regret it. Even if you don't have time to shoot a full on blog editorial, you could shoot some quick outfit shots or travel photos, and focus more on the writing to build up the post when you have time again. Most of the time you'll find you actually do have time to blog, even if you previously thought you wouldn't. Whilst you're travelling is the perfect time to blog as it means you can switch up your content and make your blog more diverse, whether thats with the clothing you wear, backgrounds you use or even the style of the post as a whole. I'm so glad i made the most of some great blogging opportunities during this trip.

Of course it is so important to make sure you keep a healthy balance between blogging and enjoying your life, but hopefully these tips will help you with blogging if you really want to blog whilst away but are finding it difficult.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016



So i'm now back from my holiday, boo. It wasn't incredibly sunny, we only had two beach worthy days, however it was still warm and bright and a perfect break away from England. I also got some amazing shots for my next Oh So Lovely Intimates Collection which what the main reason for going!  I'm kinda sad i've no longer got these beautiful places to shoot in, but hey ho. I still have a couple more outfits to upload! 

I had this outfit planned before i left, as i just knew these lace trim shorts would look amazing with a plain tee and shirt. I'm a huge fan of neutral colours, and i think khaki works perfectly to break up the monochrome. I know i'll get so much use out of these pieces over summer, especially the lace shorts. I've been looking for some for a while now but couldn't find any where the lace looked high quality and was more than just a thin strip, so when i found these i snapped them up immediately!

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