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So if you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know i went on a little break to Ibiza. It was a week long trip packed full of events, with a few days dedicated to photoshoots, and my boyfriends birthday at the end of the trip. Of course we wanted to spend as much time as possible relaxing alongside this, so in theory it left little to no time for blogging. But did i accept that and miss out on an opportunity to create great content? No, of course not.

So maybe i couldn't spend as much time as i would have liked on these posts, and have therefore had to stick to my usual personal style posts, but i have still created content i love and feel perfectly fits my blog. It didn't feel rushed nor a burden, and i think thats very important when blogging whilst travelling or even if you just have a busy lifestyle. I thought i'd therefore write about why i think its important to make the most of every blogging opportunity and how i make it work.

BLOG YOUR LIFE // If you're blogging your life, its so much easier to fit it in to your schedule as it becomes almost natural after a while. I simply blogged my daily outfits, whilst out and about exploring or before dinner. You could also do this with food/ restaurant posts or travel posts. It's so much easier to fit in time to blog when its about things you are already doing, and it makes it much more authentic too. Even if you don't do this all the time, it could be a good idea whilst travelling or periods where you have little time to blog.

INVEST IN A SMALLER CAMERA // I recently got rid of my DSLR and invested in the Olympus Pen kit and the 42mm lens. I can fit the camera and extra lens in most of my handbags, or if i can't i can pop the extra lens in the bag and the camera around my neck. This makes it so much easier to blog on the go as you don't have to worry about carrying a huge camera around with you, which may be a pain and worry if you are going to the beach or walking around a lot. Although i do think i'll invest in a DSLR again for video purposes, i am so happy with my choice as it has meant i can blog a lot more frequently.

PLAN IT OUT // I think planning is also key to making sure you have time to shoot for your blog. If you want to shoot your outfit before dinner, make sure to allow yourself enough time before your reservation so you don't have to rush or end up late. Or if you want to blog out and about, have a little think about where abouts you want to shoot before you go out, this way you can plan your day to include a trip to a specific place or if you are nearby you can easily fit it in without having to take time out from your day to specifically scout out a shoot location which can take a lot of time if you haven't thought it through beforehand.

PACK EFFICIENTLY // Now this may seem a little strange, but is so important for any fashion or beauty blogger when travelling. I could easily bundle a load of clothes into my suitcase and work out outfits once i've arrived in my destination, but i think if you plan our your outfits to some extent whilst you are packing, it makes blogging so much easier when you arrive. If i'm going for a week i tend to plan out maybe 10 outfits, this way i can be sure i have enough outfits to blog for any daytime or evening event, and for any kind of weather. Some outfits i won't wear but it at least means i won't miss out on an opportunity to blog if my outfits are blog worthy every single day!

LOVE YOUR BLOG // Lastly, i think this point is so important but not necessarily a tip or something you can plan. If you love your blog, blogging whilst away or super busy will not feel like a burden. Blog about what you love and never post anything for the sake of it. If you truly love the content you produce, you will find it easy to fit in the time to shoot, or even if it isn't easy, it won't feel like a chore, more a challenge. Say yes to as many blogging opportunities as physically possible, you will not regret it. Even if you don't have time to shoot a full on blog editorial, you could shoot some quick outfit shots or travel photos, and focus more on the writing to build up the post when you have time again. Most of the time you'll find you actually do have time to blog, even if you previously thought you wouldn't. Whilst you're travelling is the perfect time to blog as it means you can switch up your content and make your blog more diverse, whether thats with the clothing you wear, backgrounds you use or even the style of the post as a whole. I'm so glad i made the most of some great blogging opportunities during this trip.

Of course it is so important to make sure you keep a healthy balance between blogging and enjoying your life, but hopefully these tips will help you with blogging if you really want to blog whilst away but are finding it difficult.


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