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Hello loves! Back with yet another outfit post. The weather has been incredibly weird here, foggy one day, sunny the next, with bouts of hail and general greyness thrown in. Anyway, enough about the weather! On to what i actually wanted to talk about.

So i'm beginning to think a little differently about clothes. I used to be (read: kinda still am) addicted to shopping online and would rarely wear anything other than basics more than once, but i'm trying to break this habit. I'm starting to think about things like a mortgage and i'm also starting to care more about designer clothing and realising how much it can change an outfit. Obviously designer pieces don't come cheap, so in order to be able to save to afford these pieces, i'm having to think a little differently when i shop. I've began shopping to make the most of my current wardrobe, to increase the outfit possibilities and make sure i get as much wear out of all of my pieces as possible.

KEEP AN INVENTORY OF YOUR CURRENT WARDROBE // I use an app called 'Snupps' to log all of my clothing and accessories. You can create categories and add products to these categories with photos and descriptions. I find by doing this, when i'm out shopping or shopping online i can have a quick look at this and see if i have anything similar, and i can also quickly plan outfits in my head by seeing what i already have that will go with it. This really helps to stop you from purchasing multiple pieces which are practically the same, and also means you are less likely to buy something you will never wear.

CREATE A GOOD  BASE // By this i mean building a solid collection of basic t shirts, jeans, trousers, blazers, flats and boots. By doing this, you will always have pieces to go with anything you purchase. Even a heavily printed statement dress should go with basic flats and a blazer, so you'll never be without pieces to pair with your new purchase. You could also extend this to include lightweight knits and monochrome blouses as these tend to go with pretty much everything as well. I picked up the blouse i am wearing here in Zara a couple of months ago and i've worn it so much since, with a real variety of outfits. It works perfectly with these striped shorts but also looks great with jeans, denim shorts or leather trousers. Its a basic with a little extra detail, these are the pieces i love to pick up.

LIMIT THE STATEMENT PIECES // Statement pieces are great, whether it be a jacket, dress, blouse or any other piece you fancy. But they aren't the pieces you'll wear all the time. The majority of us really don't need that many of them, i know i wear them maybe only a handful of times a year. For this reason i only tend to pick up things like this a couple of times a year or if i really really love it and know i'll regret not purchasing it. Your money is much better spent purchasing things which you can wear time and time again!

PLAY WITH CUTS AND FABRICS // By playing around with different cuts and fabrics rather than different colours, you increase the amount of times you can wear your purchases. It can look incredibly chic if you wear an all black or monochrome outfit with great tailored cuts or layers of different fabrics, and people are less likely to know your re-wearing a piece if its in a basic colour.

SEE WHERE YOU HAVE GAPS // This will be a lot easier if you have done my first point, but one thing which i find really helpful when shopping is knowing where the gaps in my wardrobe are. You can look through all your clothes on the app i mentioned, or even just look through your wardrobe, and see what exactly is missing. For me, i really want to invest in a great white shirt, and a lightweight jacket for summer evenings. You may realise that by adding a pair of denim mom jeans to your wardrobe, you double the amount of outfits you can create, or that by adding a few pieces of jewellery to your accessories collection you can take your outfits up a knotch.

ADD IN A FEW SEASONAL PIECES WHICH CAN CREATE A VARIETY OF LOOKS // So once you have your basics down, its time to pick up a few seasonal pieces to pair with them. If you already have these then great! You're sorted. But if you have yet to start adding pieces to your wardrobe for the current season, here are my tips. In summer for example, i like to add in pretty blouses and camis, white skirts and shorts and a few printed shorts and tops. Matching two pieces are great as you can wear them together, or separate them which creates a huge range of outfit possibilities. Summer dresses are great, but i think its a good idea to evaluate how many times a week you plan to wear them. For me, i'll wear them maybe only once a week or less depending on the weather, so i know i don't really need more than a handful to last the few months of summer we have here in the UK. Some summer dresses can look great with tights and a jumper thrown on top (like this one) which means you'll get a lot more wear out of them as they can be worn almost year round. I know i wear denim shorts or jeans paired with blouses almost every day, so i know so invest in these pieces the most. By picking up a few seasonal pieces you can mix and match these with your current basics, meaning your wardrobe is easily transformed from winter to summer. Just something to keep in mind when shopping, cost per wear and all!

Please let me know if you have any more tips on making the most of your wardrobe!


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