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Ok, so one thing i'm not too good at is dressing for smart-casual events. Most of the time i like to stay in and have drinks and nibbles, or i'll go to a casual restaurant, so the outfits don't require too much thought. Same goes for fancy events, i find them easy to dress for as you can throw on a pair of heels and a dress and you're done! When it comes to smart casual, i get in a pit of a pickle. I will try on so many outfits until i find one which works, but think i've come up with a checklist i seem to stick to when choosing my outfit. So if you struggle too, maybe this will help.

Depending on where you are going/ how much you will be walking, i think a pair of heels is a good start. This way you can wear more of a casual outfit and it'll immediately make it look a little more smart. I like to go for lighter colours or strappier/ lace up styles, as i find they look a lot more interesting and pair well with casual outfits. If you will be standing or walking too much for heels then a classic pair of flats can work great too, such as the Valentino Rockstuds.

Another thing which i find works well is wearing one or two smart pieces and keeping everything else casual. So you could wear a smart blouse with jeans or smart trousers with a casual top. Block colours are great as you can play more with textures and cuts, and you have a lot more options when it comes to what to pair together than if you go for a print. To be honest in general i tend to avoid prints as i don't find them very versatile and they can go out of style fast! Other than stripes, which can work very well! A stripe tee with some leather trousers and minimal heels would be perfect.

Another thing which i find works so well is wearing a casual outfit such as jeans and a tee and adding on smart accessories to dress it up a bit. A pair of court heels, a smart blazer and a smart black and gold bag can really add an element of class and make an outfit more dressy without it being too much. I love this blazer and these heels for classics to keep in your wardrobe.

If you want to go for a dress then i think going for something floaty and not too long or a midi style in a casual fabric is the way to go. This, this, or this dress would work perfectly with heels like this and clutch like this. If what you choose is still quite dressy you can always dress it down with boots or sandals. This way the dress won't look to fancy!

Ok so now, on to my actual outfit, and my thoughts behind it. Starting on the bottom, black trousers are a wardrobe must have for me, and these ones from ASOS are great as they are slightly cropped and a slim cut so i find they pair well with a lot of things. I've paired them with this blouse i just picked up in Zara. Its great as its a smart shirt fabric but in a very casual cut. The thin bow straps and floaty frills make this a piece you could dress up or down with ease. I can imagine it looking ah-mazing with a pair of distressed denim shorts and chanel espadrilles. I feel like this overall outfit is perfect for a smart casual event, as it mixes typically smart fabrics and make them more casual with relaxed or summery cuts, and the heels are great for day or evening due to the tan suede and lace up style. 

So i feel like this post has been a bit rambly and me just spewing out my thoughts, but hopefully it helped you in some way! 


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