Sunday, 26 June 2016



Ok so i love these heels. I've been trying to find an excuse to wear them with a nice dressy outfit as they are just so pretty, but i couldn't find one so i decided instead to find a way to dress them down and make them work for everyday. I have a lot of pieces like this which are just too dressy for everyday wear, but instead of letting them sit untouched i've come up with a few ways to make them work for casual days. 

A great way to dress things down, whether it be heels, a blouse, a statement jacket etc is pairing it with denim. I find this immediately dresses a piece down but at the same time adds a cool & relaxed, chic vibe to the outfit. You mean business but are also fun and laid back. Thats how it makes me feel anyway ;) Ha!

Another thing which is just so simple is keeping everything as simple and causal as possible and letting the one smart/dressy piece do the talking. So for this look i've combined step one and step two. I've gone for denim and then thrown on a casual summery top and my new topshop cropped trench. I love this piece because its a lot more laid back than a blazer, and also a lot more suited to summer than a leather jacket. Anyway, these points may be obvious to some but i thought i'd make a written note for myself and anyone else to refer back to, if ever in a fluster!

So, back to the heels because lets face it they are the best part of the outfit. I think the reason i love them so much is the fact that they are so much more girly than i usually go for, but in a good way, the baby pink crushed velvet is super cute and the overall style makes me feel like a princess. I think the fact that they have a block heel and the lace up detail though means you can make them a little more edgy and 'cool' too. I think these shoes would look super cute with a white summery dress too - so many outfit ideas!


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