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So i started blogging around 4 years ago now, and boy how time flies. When looking back on my blogging journey i definitely think i've come so far, but when comparing myself to other bloggers, its easy to feel a little left behind. There are bloggers who started around the same time as me or even after me who seem to be having a lot more success, so after thinking about this a lot i decided it was time to write about it, for other small time or new bloggers out there!

Its so important not to compare yourself to others, in life in general but especially in blogging. Its been said a lot recently but 'do not compare your behind-the-scenes, with someone elses highlight reel.' People are only going to share what they want you to see so although these bloggers lives may look perfect, there are things you don't know. I know i often post #ootds from the day before whilst laying on the sofa in my comfies, so i'm sure many other bloggers do too. I can only speak from what i've seen and heard from other bloggers but i'm sure its not all perfect all the time, no one's life is. At the end of the day, social media is a creative platform and i think that being able to broadcast the very best version of yourself is all part of the fun. It's so important to not look into it too much, and rather than being disheartened by the fact other people are getting way more opportunities and growing faster than you are, you should be happy for them and use it as fuel to work harder at your own blogging platform. Easier said than done but since trying to do this i've been so much happier with my blog and the little milestones i reach.

One things for sure, blogging to a high level takes a lot of work. Most of us who aren't able to blog full time, will just not be able to put in the amount of work whilst maintaining a work and social life - major props to you if you can! You will often hear your favourite bloggers talk about how they've had months of barely sleeping and not seeing friends, just so they can work on their blog alongside their job. That's what i call dedication and it truly reflects in their content and growth. I find it amazing and so inspiring to see girls just like you and i, making their dreams a reality through a lot of hard work and dedication. It may look all sweet and easy on the surface but at the end of the day, bloggers are all real people working hard for a job or even hobby that they love. For every day spent out at meetings or press events, there will be a number of days catching up on missed work to make sure everything runs smoothy. I only blog for fun yet i still have to put in at least 3 hours per blog post or video to make sure its up to standard, which can be hard alongside other life commitments. Not to mention all of the time planning, shopping for products, social media posts and other things which are often forgotten! Seriously, no one told me how long it took to fill out video description boxes!!! haha.

Obviously its not all about putting in the hours. You've got to be creative and know where you sit in the blogging world, which can be tough to figure out. I'm personally still trying to find my place and figure out exactly where i want to take my blog, but i think this is something which really needs to be worked on all the time. I've realised that although its so easy to be discouraged by lack of progress, there may just be one month of high quality content or even one blog post which can all of a sudden cause your blog to really grow. A blogger may mention a blog post they love from you and drive loads of traffic to your page, and if you have a stream of consistent posts behind you, they're likely to stay. You'll notice that whenever a blogger is asked 'how do i gain more followers?' they almost always answer with: consistency. I have struggled with this a lot over the years, you'll definitely have noticed this if you've followed me for a while. I'll be consistent for a while and then take a huge break, or just not be consistent at all. I know its not great for my followers or even my motivation, so its something i'm really working on. I think the main thing is to try and stick to a realistic goal. I used to try and put two videos up a week and a blog post four times a week, but realistically i know i can only really stick to one video a week and two blog posts a week, so that will be my new schedule.

I always seem to forget that i run my own brand, which is growing by the day. It's more than a full time job and its something to be really proud of, and when i get a little down about my blog numbers i focus on that. I'm sure you all have something to be proud of too, whether its a university degree your completing, some amazing experiences you've had with friends, a promotion at work or doing well in your GCSE's. Where bloggers may have their successful blog as one of their main achievements, you can have something else as your own. 

The main point i'm making here is - don't give up. Whether you have 100 followers or 10,000, there will be someone out there that loves your posts and really enjoys following your content. It's not about how many followers you have, its about creating amazing content you enjoy making, and even just inspiring one person to be confident and buy a top they wouldn't normally wear, or join the gym after a lifetime of being inactive. At the end of the day blogging should be something you enjoy, even if you want it to be a full time job in the future. The moment you stop enjoying blogging is the moment things become less authentic and in turn, your blog growth is likely to decrease. Believe me i know!

I really hope this blog post helped you if you're feeling a little left behind in the big blogging world.

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