Wednesday, 6 July 2016



I'm not a big fan of colour. I fact, i usually just stick to black, white, grey and denim. But recently i've began introducing little bits of colour into my wardrobe, so i thought i'd write about some easy and non-daunting ways to add colour into your wardrobe for summer, particularly if you're a monochrome kinda gal.

START WITH THE MUTED SHADES // My favourite way to wear colour is through muted shades such as blush pink, nude, powder blue and khaki. They lighten things up a bit without being too in your face and as they are really subtle tones the pieces tend to go with a lot. I also find they are a lot easier to wear than a bright red blouse, for example, as they are less distinctive.

GO FOR WEARABLE, CASUAL STYLES // So in a bid to add some colour into my wardrobe, i found myself buying a number of colourful pieces. I ended up purchasing two red dresses and surprise surprise, i've worn neither. I'm not really a dress person so throw in the vibrant colour and the fact they are a bit more formal and you've got two pieces which really aren't very me. I love them a lot, but they aren't overly wearable. By sticking to wearable styles such as light jackets, blouses, tops and shorts you've got things you can wear all year round that can also be dressed up or down for any occasion.

ADD A POP OF COLOUR WITH SHOES OR A BAG // Shoes and bags are great ways to add pops of colour. A vibrant blue bag or bright red heels may be a little out of your comfort zone, but they mean you can stick to an all monochrome outfit and let them do the talking. Such an easy way to add colour  to your wardrobe and also make your winter pieces look a little more summery.

I'm so in love with this outfit, i love the way a little bit of colour can really brighten up your look. These subtle blush tones are perfect for my style, i'm going a bit blush crazy at the moment so expect to see more of it on the blog, I'm so happy that this FLL Top matches the Missguided Suede Jacket, as i immediately had a vision of wearing them together when i purchased them. I've got this jacket in a couple of colours but this one has to be my favourite. They are only £40 which is such a bargain as the suede is sooo soft and although they are quite thin, they are really great quality and perfect to throw on during the summer.




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