Thursday, 29 September 2016



So i used to be all about the basics, but now i'm a sucker for a good print. Don't get me wrong you still won't see me in a full colourful outfit, but i think a printed piece here and there can really help to elevate an outfit. 

I picked up these boots in Zara a couple of years ago, thinking i'd wear them maybe for one season as they were such a statement. Boy was i wrong, i've been wearing these boots non stop ever since. They are perfect for any season, the leopard print helps to make floaty dresses a little less girly, and they inject a teeny bit of colour into my usually monochrome winter wardrobe. I've never really been a leopard print kinda girl, but these boots have definitely converted me! I've been eyeing up a bunch of leopard print pieces by LPA, so you may be seeing even more leopard print sometime soon...

In terms of the rest of the outfit, you've got the usual - Chloe bag, Quay sunnies and some kind of denim - today's choice were these One Teaspoon Bandit Shorts. I highly recommend this style if you are looking for a pair of laid back denim shorts. They are mid waisted but super slouchy, with just the right amount of distressing. They are pretty short but due to the oversized fit, theres no bum to be seen. May sound unflattering but they definitely do somehow flatter your behind!

Finally this shirt. I wasn't sure about this but i've been after a heavier chiffon shirt for some time, and didn't really want a block colour. I was finding it quite hard to find one, but then i stumbled across this. I'm not a huge shirt wearer but i think this was a great piece to add to my wardrobe, as it will never go out of fashion so even if i only wear it a few times a month it will still be a good purchase.

I'm actually so excited for A/W fashion. I've been sorting through my wardrobe and noting down the pieces i need to pick up, both investments and high street. I'm determined to build the perfect winter wardrobe and i can't wait to share it with you!



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