Monday, 23 January 2017

OOTD | 23.1.17


So i've decided to start posting quick iPhone OOTD posts. I love glossy, magazine looking blogs but at the moment i feel like its just not for me. I'm focusing on finding a good balance between my business and blogging. When i blog loads i seem to focus less time on my business(which is my main income, so not good) and when i focus as much time as i should on my business, i find it hard to produce high quality blog content, which in turn leads me to not produce any at all. 

I tend to post one or two of these kinds of shots on my Instagram and then i always have a few left over which i hold off posting, cause nobody wants to see 5 shots of the same outfit haha! I do however feel that all together they make the perfect quick & easy to follow blog post. 

So the outfit is pretty simple, typical of my every day style. Cosy and comfy with a little bit of luxe. I tend to go for mid-range brands these days such as Reiss, Maje, French Connection, The Kooples, Acne etc. This outfit is in fact made up of two of my Christmas presents - the Acne Knit & Maje shorts. I love them both and know i'll get so much use out of them. The jumper looks like it may be itchy, but its such good quality and super soft. I have to stop myself from wearing it every day.

I've got so much use out of this bag since i purchased it, i'm thinking to film a whats in my bag video to give it a full review and show you just how much i can fit in it. It's seriously perfect for any occasion and goes with EVERYTHING.

So, here's hoping i can keep up with these posts. Seeing as i take a million pictures of my outfit each day, i don't see why not! Do you like this idea, or do you prefer glossy blog posts less frequently?



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