Saturday, 17 June 2017


So seeing as my home photos receive so much love on Instagram, i thought it was about time i began updating my blog with some interior posts. I'm kicking things off with a tour of my living room, partly because its the currently the only tidy room in the flat, and partly because i love the decor in here! The rest of the flat is bright, white and airy, however as this room was already painted grey, i went for a darker colour palette to keep the room feeling cosy and homely. There is a tendency for bright decor to feel a little uninviting/ show homey, so i wanted to make sure this room was the complete opposite whilst still sticking to my style.

I've always wanted a gallery wall, however my previous two flats didn't really allow for it. So i knew i had to make it the main feature of the living room. The majority of the prints and frames are from Desenio, with a few from Etsy and Ikea. I also threw in this sun mirror from h&m home to break the wall up a bit.

As you can probably tell, i am a huge fan of 'organised clutter'. There is a tendency for it to become straight up mess, so daily tidying is a must (much to my dismay, but totally worth it). I've mixed textures, metals, woods and fabrics to create the perfect cosy environment. There are a few key pieces i love and just need to tell you about, starting with the Sofa. It was an amazing find from, it's exactly what i'd been looking for and it was a great price. Next, the table. It's handmade which i love, i ordered it from Etsy from a small company here in the UK. Finally, the rug is an amazing French Connection find, it was quite pricey for a rug but a lot cheaper than a lot of moroccan style rugs.

I've linked everything down below, so you can shop my living room with ease. Let me know your thoughts on the space! Where would you like to see next? I'm thinking the bedroom, as to be honest i don't think my office will be ready for all eyes to see at least for a month!

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